COM Welcomes Postdoctoral Associate

Published April 17, 2024

John Brooks, PhD.

The Department of Communication welcomed Dr. John J. Brooks as a Postdoctoral Associate this fall.  John is a native of western Illinois and grew up on a farm outside Carthage, IL, near the Mississippi River. He pursued his undergraduate degree in Theatre/Gender Studies at Northwestern University. Following this, he spent twelve years living and working in Chicago, during which time he earned his M.S. in Health Communication and later his M.A./Ph.D. in Media, Technology, and Society, also from Northwestern University. John's research focuses on mass communication at the intersection of health and politics, specifically employing narrative techniques to address contentious topics including reproductive rights, gun violence, and affective polarization. He is currently working on projects aimed at fostering understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals through narrative messages. At UB, he is serving as a postdoctoral associate and was drawn to the position by the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Green since they have shared research interests, and he holds admiration for her work. While primarily research-focused, his role also involves mentoring graduate students, overseeing the Narrative Lab, delivering guest lectures and department talks, and overall offering a diverse range of experiences. Welcome, John!