New Faculty Member-Art Raney

Published April 10, 2024

Art Raney, PhD.

The Department of Communication welcomed Dr. Arthur Raney to the faculty as Professor this fall.  Dr. Raney is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and grew up on the campus of the University of Alabama, where his father was a professor. He stayed to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and he returned many years later to receive his Ph.D. in Mass Communication. During his absence from Alabama, he earned a master’s degree in theology at Southwestern Baptist. Dr. Raney examines media entertainment and has especially investigated how one's morals affect the media they consume. The opportunity to collaborate with the exceptional academics in the Department of Communication drew him to UB since he had previously cited several of them in his research. He reminds students to stay curious and try to fall in love with learning, just for the sake of gaining more knowledge. Welcome, Art!