Chris Dobmeier awarded 2019 LEAD Distinguished Ally Award

Published May 6, 2019

Chris Dobmeier, a member of the Class of 2018, was recently awarded the 2019 LEAD Distinguished Ally Award.  “This award salutes a single individual who embodies the spirits of benevolence and inclusion that are essential for harmony in a community that brings together people from so many backgrounds,” stated Lance Rintamaki.  The award recognizes the individual’s efforts to help others, put others first, and support others to reach their full potential.  It recognizes how this individual has fought on behalf of those who cannot always advocate for themselves, the outsiders, and the marginalized.  Chris was nominated due to his long history of supporting international students.  He helped them adjust to living in the United States, supported them whenever they were feeling down, organized events on their behalf, and brought them to his home during national holidays to celebrate with him and his family.  Chris’s efforts were selfless and exhaustive, and they were recognized at the highest levels of the University’s administration.  “Chris is equally loved closer to home, as many in the department attest to the lengths he goes to support everyone around him, be they a stranger or fellow graduate student,” Lance adds, “He is a worthy recipient of this award, truly.”