PhD Student Placements

Our graduate students have had success at obtaining positions at quality academic institutions throughout the world.

Recent Placements

Weiai (Wayne) Xu (PhD, 2015) Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Georges Khalil (PhD, 2015) NCI R25T Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Amanda Damiano (PhD, 2014) Assistant Professor of Journalism, Media Studies and Public Relations, Hofstra University 

Jian Raymond Rui (PhD, 2014) Assistant Professor, Lamar University 

Joseph Sirianni (PhD, 2014) Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Niagara University 

Elena Svetieva (PhD, 2014) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Center for Creative Leadership 

Michael Egnoto (PhD, 2014) Assistant Clinical Professor FIRE in START, University of Maryland

Jennifer Allen Catellier (PhD, 2012), Assistant Professor, Gannon University 

Amanda Lohiser (PhD, 2012), Assistant Professor, SUNY Fredonia 

Hazel Kwon (PhD, 2011), Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Marsha Ducey (PhD, 2011), Assistant Professor, SUNY Brockport

Hyunjung Kim (PhD, 2011), Assistant Professor, Missouri Southern State University 

Joseph Loporcaro (2011), Assistant Professor, Hilbert College

Yu-Chao Huang (PhD, 2011), Assistant Professor, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

Carolyn Hurley (PhD, 2011), Research Officer, Transportation Security Administration, Washington D.C.

Jessica Akey (PhD, 2010), Assistant Professor, SUNY Fredonia

Katherine LaVail (PhD, 2010), Health Communication, Center for Disease Control

Elizabeth Karras (PhD, 2010) Senior Researcher, VA Center of Excellence for Suicide Prevention; Clinical Senior Instructor, University of Rochester Medical Center  

Ashley Fico (PhD, 2009) Assistant Professor, SUNY Brockport 

Derek Lackaff (PhD, 2009), Assistant Professor, Elon University

Jang Kim (PhD, 2007), Professor, Sungkyunkwan University

Pauline Hoffman (PhD, 2007), Assistant Professor and Dean of Journalism/Mass Communication, St. Bonaventure University