"At Buffalo" Creative Team, November 9-19, 2017

Deadria Harrington is a New York City based creative producer, artist and member of the Producing Artistic Leadership Team of The Movement Theatre Company [TMTC] and a member of the creative team developing "At Buffalo," a new musical theater performance based on the 1901 World Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. During their Fall 2017 CAI residency, the Creative Team of "At Buffalo" will conduct site-specific rehearsals and concert readings of At Buffalo and work with Buffalo Museum of Science, Torn Space Theatre.    

With TMTC she has served as a Producer developing a number of new works by emerging artists of color, most recently Look Upon Our Lowliness by Harrison David Rivers, which premiered in February 2013. Deadria is also the lead producer on TMTC’s eco-friendly theatre initiative GO GREEN, where she has also served as a director. Most recently, she produced this program in the 2012 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity with a new piece entitled 4 Sustenance, which received the Greener Planet Award and 8 nominations within the festival. Harrington also worked as an Assistant Director on the workshop production of Talaya Delaney’s Haarlem Berlin, directed by Rachel Chavkinat.

At Buffalo

Race was on display at the 1901 World Pan American Exposition at Buffalo, New York. In exhibits like “Darkest Africa”, “Old Plantation”, and “The American Negro Exhibit”, concessionaires presented unique, and often conflicting, visions of blackness in America at the turn of the twentieth century. These exhibits left behind a fragmented archive of descriptions, newspaper articles, photographs, and film clips that sheds new light on a critical moment in the construction of modern black and American identity. At Buffalo, a landmark new musical, brings this archive to life—performing it virtually verbatim, making present an experience of the past when definitions of race were literally written, directed, choreographed, and performed in order to reconstruct the American character in the wake of national crisis.