Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept artists from all around the nation into this program?

Yes. We want artists from around the nation and the world. We are looking for artists from outside Buffalo who will help strengthen the experiences of our students at UB and the Buffalo arts community. We encourage artists to connect to and collaborate with faculty members at UB and with the Buffalo arts community during their residencies.

Can non-UB artists apply for the residency program without “sponsorship” by a UB faculty?

Yes. We encourage proposals from any interested artist.

That said, exploring interest and support for your project among UB faculty members may be helpful to you in developing a proposal that can be successfully implemented.

I am contemplating a collaboration with another arts organization in the Buffalo area; could CAI funding be utilized for such a project?

CAI residencies can be combined with other collaborations and sources of funding--either through UB departments, or with organizations outside UB. If you have another opportunity that could be expanded to include a CAI residency, we are open to that. However, the CAI residency should truly be an expansion of the project and must involve components engaging UB students.    

What is the radius of the “community” that the CAI program seeks to influence?

The key objective for the CAI is to increase opportunities for UB students to interact with great artists, so any proposed project should impact students. That impact could take many forms, and artists are encouraged to think creatively about how they might engage with students. Projects that allow UB student(s) to participate at a location removed from UB campus are acceptable; the feasibility of such participation may be considered to constitute a limit of the community CAI seeks to influence.    

Which students does CAI seek to impact?

CAI seeks to impact as many UB students as possible, regardless of their field of study. We seek to accomplish this both through Arts One and through the Artists-in-Residence program. Artists proposing residencies should not feel limited to only interacting with students in creative arts disciplines.

How detailed should we be about the community engagement components?

The more detail you can provide, the better. Having the support of local arts organization(s) and/or UB creative arts units or faculty, will make your proposal stronger. Likewise, the more you can describe what you intend, and what you need in terms of space and facilities, the better the reviewers will be able to evaluate your proposal.

What are the preferred formats for work samples? Are there other considerations artists should bear in mind when selecting work samples for submission?

Electronic submissions are preferred. Any easily accessible file type or links to webpages are acceptible and should be e-mailed to Links included in the Proposal Form will not be considered.

Larger work samples (e.g., a movie) may be submitted on DVD/CD mailed to:

Creative Arts Initiative
University at Buffalo
610 Samuel Clemens Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
ATTN: Cynthia Stewart.

Work samples will not be returned.

Could you give me some more information about what is realistic for a preliminary budget for CAI?

The best we can do it to provide broad guidelines, because proposals can vary in so many aspects from one another—different amounts of time, different need for facilities, different needs for housing and transportation, whether there is one artist or a group, etc. Additionally, some of the costs of a proposal might be covered by other entities working in collaboration with CAI, either in the form of in-kind contributions or grants. A proposal for a short residency, maybe a week or so, might request $1,500. A proposal for a longer, more complex proposal might request as much as $60,000. 

Please note that funds cannot be used to compensate persons employed by the University at Buffalo.

What facilities/infrastructure and related support will be provided for the visiting artists?

CAI provides funding for accepted Artist(s)-in-Residence as specified in each proposal. CAI can also provide a limited amount of coordination and communications support (e.g., posting events on our website and on the UB events calendar, promoting events through email to our community partners, and making introductions/connections to UB faculty and/or the Buffalo arts community). Through its website, CAI provides links to information regarding resources and venues that may be available through UB’s creative arts departments, as well as information on the Buffalo arts community, and resources for planning a residency. We encourage artists to contact faculty and departments with whom they are interested in working to explore what resources may be available through the individual departments. 

What is considered “new” work?

CAI seeks to provide UB students with more opportunities to engage with working artists and envisions artist residencies as a chance for artists to further their work. This might be through production of completely new work, refinement of work in progress, presentation of work that has not previously been presented, or re-imagining and re-presentation of work. 

How are proposals reviewed? How to you measure “excellence” and “impact”?

These are issues that all selection committees in the arts must deal with, and they resist concise definition. CAI’s co-directors have both served as reviewers for various funding agencies and will draw upon those experiences to shape the review of proposals for the Artist-in-Residence program. The review process will make appropriate use of experts based on the proposals received, and will include a combination of external, peer-reviews, and internal assessment by CAI co-leaders and advisory board.