Arts One: Experiencing Art in Buffalo

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience ballet first hand. This is probably something I never would have done and I would have likely lived the rest of my life in ignorance when it comes to ballet, what it is and what it stands for. ”

What Students are Saying About Arts One

"This class has opened my eyes to the richness and diversity in the arts scene in Buffalo. I did not know that Buffalo was this lively!"

"I love how this course explores different types of art/music. It provides a great learning experience."

"Arts One has given me the opportunity to experience a number of the galleries, shows, and concerts that the city of Buffalo has to offer. I would recommend this course to any UB student interested in the arts."

"What an amazing opportunity to see everything that Buffalo has to offer in the arts. It has been so cool to see all of the different places."

"This class has given me a new appreciation for the arts and all of the great things happening around UB and all of Buffalo."

"The diversity and wide-range of visual and performing art events I attended with this course throughout the semester has taught me how to more critically think and analyze the meaning and background behind each performance.…Understanding the hours of rehearsal and courage required to perform onstage in front of an audience--whether it be acting, singing or dancing, made me view the performance in a new light and as a result, has given me a more conscious and grateful outlook on life and the integral role of art and music in society."

Arts One Activities for Fall 2018

What is Arts One?

The course will consist of performances on campus and in Buffalo:

  • musical performances
  • exhibits at the galleries
  • literary readings
  • dance performances, etc.
  • readings will be assigned as appropriate

When possible and appropriate, we will arrange to have someone connected with the event—a curator at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery or Burchfield Penney Center for the Arts, a musician in a concert, a composer whose work is being performed or who is in residence at UB for example—meet with students in the class. Each week, the class will meet for a discussion of the most recent event, either at the site of the event or at UB. Students will be expected to maintain a running log or diary detailing their reactions to the events and the class discussions.

Arts One will be grounded in two departments. The English Department version (Eng 281: Arts One), offered in the Fall semester, will be supervised by SUNY Distinguished Professor and James Agee Professor of American Culture, Bruce Jackson; the Music Department version in the Spring semester (Music 266) will be supervised by SUNY Distinguished Professor and Birge-Cary Chair in Music Composition, David Felder.