The Baldy Center Podcast Fall 2021

Tha Baldy Center.

The Baldy Center Podcast highlights UB faculty research and perspectives on current issues and events. We focus on UB's interdisciplinary scholars of law, legal institutions, and social policy.

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Season 3

Edgar Girtain.

Edgar Girtain, Podcast Fall 2021 Host/Producer 

Podcast Host/Producer

Edgar Girtain is host/producer of the 2021-22 Edition of The Baldy Center Podcast. He is a PhD student in the music department at SUNY Buffalo, where he studies with David Felder. Girtain is a director of the Casa de Las Artes at the University of Southern Chile (UACh), and president of the Southern Chilean Composers Forum (FoCo Sur). Girtain is an eminent composer, pianist, and writer of his own biographies. His diverse areas of work are often collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and international in ambition if not in practice. 

Executive Producers

Samantha Barbas
Professor, UB School of Law; Director, The Baldy Center

Caroline Funk 
Associate Director, The Baldy Center

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