Event Listing: 2015 to 1995

Past events.

Conferences, workshops and distinguished speakers are among the events hosted by The Baldy Center. This page contains a list of past events hosted between 1996 and 2015, as listed on our previous website.

We welcome your interest in our events. For further information on past events, contact baldycenter@buffalo.edu 

Past Event Spotlight

  • Judge Michael A. Corriero
    In 2012, The Baldy Center hosted Judge Michael A. Corriero in its Distinguished Speaker Series. That same year, he founded, along with the New York Foundling (one of New York's oldest and respected social service agencies run by the Sisters of Charity) the Families Rising Project, an alternative-to-incarceration program that works with young offenders and their families.
  • Gender and the Drug War
    The Spring 2016 conference examined how gender plays a role in the drug war as viewed by the varied disciplines that inform sociolegal studies.
  • Celebrating David Engel's "The Oven Bird's Song"
    Just over thirty years ago, David Engel published “The Oven Bird’s Song: Insiders, Outsiders, and Personal Injuries in an American Community” in Law and Society Review. Engel’s research revealed the attitudes that residents in a rural Illinois community brought to contested cultural issues regarding personal injury, dispute resolution, social change, and law. The article quickly became one of the signature contributions to the law and society movement, a kind of instant classic.