First Look

A Fresh Start

Every year on Moving In Day, hundreds of freshmen converge on campus to start their college careers. We checked in with one of them.

Left to right: Lexi Sanguine's parents, Lexi, Marina Africa and Marina's sister, Olivia.

Photography by Douglas Levere and Ariel Namoca

“Honestly, Moving In Day was very stressful,” confesses Lexi Sanguine, a first-year student from Syracuse, N.Y., about that warm Thursday back in August.

At least she had help: Her brother (not pictured) and parents were on hand to haul and unpack sheets and towels, her computer and the oh-so-crucial Keurig machine.

After a few selfies, Sanguine and her new roomie, high school friend Marina Africa, set about decorating their space to “make it feel homey.”

“My favorite part of the day was putting up my posters and other decorations,” Sanguine says. “They were the finishing touches.”

Asked what the upsides of living on campus will be, she reports: “Getting the full college experience—meeting new people and being independent.”

And the downsides? “Not everyone is as clean as I’m used to.”

Moving In Day: Scenes Around Campus