On Campus: UB EMOJI

A look back on our recent past with a smile, a wink or a whatevs

Tax shelter

Over the past six years, IRS-certified students from the UB School of Management have prepared 4,300 tax returns and brought nearly $5.5 million in refunds back into the community. More than $1 million was from the Earned Income Credit, helping low-income families most in need.

Call it a comeback

In 2012, senior Judy Mai lost the presidential election for UB’s scandal-tinged Student Association by a mere 47 votes. After proving herself as SA’s assistant international coordinator, Mai was appointed vice president in 2014 with the goal to “make people want to believe in [SA] again.” We believe in you, Judy!

Survey says

The university’s anonymous testing program for sexually transmitted infections (run in partnership with the Erie County Department of Health) may be a bit too stealthy: A recent UB Spectrum poll found that 42 percent of sexually active students don’t get tested for STIs, often for fear of discovery by parents or partners.

Spring Fest stumper

Country trio The Band Perry headlined Spring Fest this year, representing a departure from the usual hip-hop acts. The choice elicited extreme reactions from students, ranging from “finally, a fest I want to go to” to “dumbest lineup I’ve ever seen in my life.” Next year, we predict a return to rap, and a similar inability to please everyone.