UB Yesterday: 1998

The Sheepherders

The 1998 squad

The 1998 squad, left to right: Timur Qader (BS ’99), Joe Chason (BA ’99), Carl Miller (BA ’97), Bill Ogilvie (BA ’98), Stan Shih (DDS ’03, MA ’00, BS ’97) and Jason Bellows (MD ’01, BA ’97).

On a sunny April afternoon at Oozefest, UB’s sprawling, annual mud volleyball tournament, The Sheepherders were covered in muck from the St. Rita’s Lane competition courts, their smiles gleaming as they celebrated their first championship win (the team won again in 2003).

One of the founding Shepherds, former chemistry major Carl Miller (BA ’97), explains the oddball name: “It was sort of random. We needed a name in order to register, so someone suggested The Sheepherders.” Since then, the roster has changed and knee joints have grown achy, but the team’s commitment to fun hasn’t waned. “We used to drink a ton and eat junk food, but now we all like hummus,” Miller jokes.

They’ve been known to wear black contractor bags—not the most glamorous look, but, says Miller, “they soak up heat from the sun and are great at keeping you clean.” In May, the Herd competed in its 21st consecutive mudslinging, reaching the finals of their bracket and winning their 100th match.

Prepping for battle with duct tape.

Prepping for battle with duct tape.