Electronic Accessibility

In order to ensure that UB is accessible to everyone, we need to ensure that our websites, online course offerings, electronic forms and other information are available to members of our community who use assistive technology. This information will serve as a guide in creating, purchasing and examining the electronic content you and your department offer to our community.

Electronic information comes in a variety of forms. Thinking about accessibility at the start is the easiest way to build in accessibility for all.

  • Documents
    Electronic documents must be accessible with the use of assistive technology and presented in a format that is clear and well-organized.
  • Webpages
    In order to be fully inclusive, UB's websites must be accessible to everyone.
  • Audio and Video
    Through captioning and audio descriptions, videos can be made accessible to everyone.
  • Procurement
    It is essential to ask vendors to explain how their products are accessible, test for accessibility, and include accessibility assurances in purchase agreements.
  • Classroom and Online Instruction
    Designing courses with accessibility in mind is critical to ensuring that everyone can participate and learn.
  • Deque University
    SUNY has entered into an agreement with Deque Systems Inc. to provide accessibility training across all SUNY campuses.
  • Digital Accessibility Advocate Awards
    Many individuals at UB are committed to eliminating digital accessibility barriers and expanding digital access and inclusion for people with disabilities. The Digital Accessibility Advocate Award recognizes these individuals and celebrates the work that they do.