Academic Integrity Process

Students in a large classroom with a teacher in the foreground.

If an instructor suspects you of committing academic dishonesty, the following steps will take place:

  1. The instructor will inform you by UB email and offer to have a consultative resolution meeting with you. Instructors must inform students within 10 academic days of noticing the dishonesty. (Academic days are defined as “weekdays, when classes are in session, not including the summer or winter sessions.”)
  2. At the consultative resolution meeting (either in-person or via video call), the instructor will inform you of the suspicious behavior and allow you to speak on your behalf. This is your opportunity to discuss what happened. It is very important to be honest and forthcoming in this conversation. If you decline the consultative resolution meeting, the instructor can determine a sanction in your absence.
  3. After the consultative resolution meeting, your instructor will inform you by UB email of the determined sanction.
  4. A hold will be placed on your account that prevents you from dropping courses for the current semester. Holds are removed at the end of the current semester, and do no prohibit you from registering for future semesters. Review the FAQ page for more information.
  5. You will receive an email from the Office of Academic Integrity with an official letter attached. You must input your student number to open this letter. This letter will contain information about the appeal process and, if relevant, the remediation opportunity. (Be sure to review our How to Appeal and Remediation pages for additional information about these processes.