How to Appeal

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The steps a student should follow if charged with a violation are defined in the undergraduate policy and procedures or the graduate policy and procedures. However, students may wish to also consult with the Student Conduct office for clarification or questions regarding this process. If a student chooses to appeal a decision or sanction, the following guidelines are recommended:

1. Identify Your Timeline

 All appeals must be filed within 10 academic days (this includes all days that classes are in session during the fall and spring terms, but not exam days, summer, or winter terms). Be sure to send your appeal within 10 academic days; typically, this deadline date will be listed on the letter sent by the Office of Academic Integrity.

2. Identify the Charge and the Sanction

  • Charges (or violations) include: aiding in academic dishonesty, cheating, falsifying academic materials, misrepresenting documents, plagiarizing, purchasing academic assignments, selling academic assignments and submitting previously submitted work. 
  • Sanctions include: academic warning, reduction in assignment grade, reduction in course grade, revision of work, failure in course, failure in course with temporary notation on transcript, failure in course with permanent notation on transcripts, required remediation, dismissal from program or department, suspension, expulsion or other reasonable sanction.

3. Complete the Academic Dishonesty Appeal Form

Matters for consideration include the following questions relevant to your case:

  • Are you appealing the charge, the sanction or both?
  • What evidence do you have that you are not guilty of the charge? All evidence must be uploaded with your appeal  form (syllabi, tests, project instructions, etc.).
  • Why do you feel the sanction is too harsh?
  • Avoid emotional pleas for mercy. Instead, directly address the charges and sanctions.
  • Are there any extenuating circumstances that are relevant to your case?

4. Submit the Academic Dishonesty Appeal Form

You will get an automated reply as well as an email from the Office of Academic Integrity acknowledging receipt of your appeal. Your case and all related evidence will be carefully reviewed, and you will be notified within 10 academic days of the status of your appeal.