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We support students, faculty and staff and enjoy working with international and multilingual students. Our peer consulting service can help with any type of writing: essays, reports, dissertations, articles, personal statements, emails…anything! If you compose it, we will work with you on it. We also support UB by doing workshops, presentations and hosting special programs. We hold writing retreats and can help your department with writing support initiatives such as special workshops, writing groups, or in-house retreats.

Max Kalnitz

“What I love about the writers at the center is their uninterruptible drive to better themselves. Every semester, hundreds of students of all levels, abilities, motivations come together in our space for the collective purpose of improving their writing and I think the reason for this has to do with the strong and compassionate community of thinkers that has been cultivated here on both sides of the table. One that deeply understands the importance of effective writing and one that is willing to collectively strive for it.”

Francisco Lazo

The CEW is pleased to introduce our latest featured writer – Monica Fields. Monica came to our attention when consultants remarked on how much fun she is to work with and how she takes charge of her consultations, coming in with a clear agenda and sharp questions. “I love that we have a place on campus where we can have our papers reviewed” she noted. Monica also likes that she has the opportunity to work with other students, and was pleased to even work with a consultant who was in her class. She expects to be a frequent visitor in the CEW this Spring. “I think it’s a great resource,” she added. Thanks Monica! We are looking forward to working with you too!  [Read more here ►]

James Sackett

Check out the latest scholar in the Write Through Series, James Sackett. Sackett’s story illustrates the importance of a positive community for dissertation success from productive role models and mentors to supportive friends and colleagues.  Sackett encourages dissertators to put all of themselves into their research and "Dive In". Read the full story here.


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