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UB scientists have identified the mechanisms behind a genetic mutation that produces certain autistic behaviors in mice, as well as therapeutic strategies to restore normal behaviors.

Constantinou receives Newmark Medal

UB faculty member Michael Constantinou has received the prestigious award from the American Society of Civil Engineers in recognition of his work developing seismic protective systems.

UB, Roswell to launch stem cell program

UB and Roswell Park Cancer Institute researchers have been awarded a $1.85 million grant to create an interdisciplinary stem cell research training program.

Addressing societal problems

Researchers say that making transistors and lasers with materials that are just one single atomic layer can reduce power consumption and may lead to more powerful, smaller and greener computers.

Debunking ER myth

A UB study has found that while people aren't replacing their doctors with trips to the hospital emergency room, they are sicker, have more chronic diseases and are using both services equally.

Improving supercomputing

UB's Center for Computational Research has received a $9 million grant from the National Science Foundation to improve the management tool CCR invented that maximizes supercomputing performance.

Humanities Institute names fellows

The work of the eight scholars named as 2016-16 faculty fellows spans a range of disciplines, from classics to history to media study.

‘Master’ orchestrator of the genome

A paper published in PLOS ONE by UB stem cell scientists describes how a single nuclear protein functions like an orchestra conductor, programming the “symphony of biology.”

Heavier, pricier vehicles are safer

UB research led by Dietrich Jehle has found that when it comes to vehicle safety, car buyers get what they pay for.

Breakthrough in tinnitus research

Research by UB, Chinese and Canadian scientists provides new insights into how "ringing in the ears" might develop and be sustained.

Dieting dilemna

A new UB study has found that while rational thoughts drive most people's plans to diet, their feelings actually control whether they actually follow those plans and lose weight.