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March Madness bracket

The School of Social Work's Institute of Innovative Aging Policy and Practice aims to address the challenges faced by America's fastest-growing demographic.

How ‘conquered’ Brazilians shaped their histories

A new book by UB historian Hal Langfur looks at how the practices of conversion and cannibalism were used by the Portuguese to legitimate their treatment of indigenous tribes in Brazil.

Call for concepts

UB is moving forward with one of its signature UB 2020 initiatives with a call for concept papers proposing “bold and creative” ideas for Communities of Excellence.

Incubator gains two tenants

The UB Technology Incubator has welcomed two new companies, both of which have international ties and are interested in gaining a foothold in the U.S. market.

Fighting cancer with lasers and nanoballoons

A new method that uses nanotechnology to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs could improve cancer treatment while limiting side effects.

Beyond clichés

"Ineffably Urban," a new book edited by UB art historian Miriam Paeslack, explores the conflicting imagery, identities and many narratives of Buffalo.

Focus on global engagement

The School of Social Work has launched the Institute on Sustainable Global Engagement to encourage activities that extend trauma-informed treatment, human rights perspectives and other themes championed by the school to other parts of the world.

Examining human impact on environment

UB anthropologist Caroline Funk is researching human impacts on resources and environmental/ecological histories by studying the impacts of the prehistoric Aleuts on Kiska Island in Alaska's western Aleutians.

UB team returns to Zimbabwe

UB has been working with the University of Zimbabwe to establish training programs for scientists and citizens in an ongoing effort to study, reduce and treat the incidence of HIV in Zimbabwe.

Neighbors influence democratic reform

A new book by UB political sociologist Barbara Wejnert has found that nations consistently are drawn to democratic reform not by what is happening inside their own nations, but by an attraction to what is going on in other places.

Beat the Buffett Pool? Forget about it!

UB statistician Alan Hutson says the odds of picking the winners of all 63 NCAA basketball tournament games — and winning Warren Buffett’s $1 billion sweepstakes — are "infinitesimal."