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UB scientists have turned normal cell lines into “stem-like” cells using nothing more than mechanical stress.

Interactive wayfinder

Developers at UB’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access have built and tested touch-responsive maps that provide independence to the visually impaired.

Sharing resources

UB is making some of the region’s most advanced science and engineering equipment, and cutting-edge research facilities available for use by academics, businesses and government.

A hybrid vehicle that delivers DNA

A new transport system for DNA vaccines being developed by UB researchers could help treat HIV, malaria and other major illnesses.

Measuring the fear of Ebola

UB communication researcher Janet Yang is using a National Science Foundation grant to assess America’s perception of Ebola and improve communication about the virus.

Clues to early retinal development

UB researchers have discovered what regulates generation of the early neurons in the retina during embryonic development, findings that provide clues to how cellular diversity is created in the central nervous system.

Carry-on charges your smartphone

Smart technology is in our homes, cars and phones, and soon it will power our luggage, thanks in part to UB engineering student Martin Diz.

Basford receives NEA fellowship

UB poet Douglas Basford has received a 2015 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship to support his translation of the sonnets of Italian poet Domenico di Giovanni.

‘Open on Thanksgiving’ not good strategy

Retailers looking to get ahead of the competition by opening on Thanksgiving Day are taking the wrong approach, UB retail marketing expert Arun Jain says.

Mangold edits ‘go-to’ casebook

UB Law Professor Susan Mangold was co-editor of the fifth edition of the casebook that has long been the standard choice for law professors teaching in the area of children and the law.

communities of excellence

Seven teams of multidisciplinary researchers from across the university have advanced to the next stage of the selection process for UB’s Communities of Excellence.