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Research News


This medical imaging drink, developed to diagnose and treat GI illnesses, is made of concentrated chlorophyll.


A new research project headed by UB biochemist Marc Halfon tackles this question, with possible implications for disease control.


Fifteen faculty have been named recipients of UB's 2016 Exceptional Scholar and Teaching Innovation awards.


UB researcher Lynn Kozlowski says more evidence is needed to support suggestion that WHO nations sell only low-nicotine cigarettes.


A new study shows a harmless version of the notorious bacteria could help fight pneumococcal disease and other illnesses.


A study aims to validate UB-developed software designed to assess brain atrophy in more than 1,000 MS patients.


UB is among a select group tapped to form an advanced manufacturing hub that aims to sustain the nation’s manufacturing resurgence.


For those entering adulthood, high-quality relationships are linked to better health, UB research has found.


Myles Faith offers strategies to help parents of picky eaters promote healthier food choices for their young children.


UB geologists are making their own lava to better understand the interaction between water and lava.


For the first time, this year’s Bright Buffalo Niagara Entrepreneur Expo awarded prizes in its pitch competition.


The ubiquitous houseplant is threatened in the wild and UB scientists are crowdfunding an effort to sequence its genome.