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UB is among a select group tapped to form an advanced manufacturing hub that aims to sustain the nation’s manufacturing resurgence.


Grants to focus on new treatment protocol for alcohol use disorders, impact of alcohol use and self-control on intimate partner violence.


A new School of Management study shows that victims of workplace undermining become perpetrators as well.


Through the Global Innovation Challenge, UB students created solutions to an issue that keeps millions from completing school.


A $30,000 gift from Univera Healthcare will help UB researchers to ensure patients take their medications as prescribed.


Faculty member Irus Braverman says the uproar about the animal's killing raises key questions about the role of zoos in society.


The new immunization approach led by UB scientists may some day stamp out pneumonia, meningitis and other illnesses.


UB researchers have found that mechanical forces play a critical role in forming the protective coating neurons need to function.


Scientists are joining with dairy farms to study how manure management techniques influence antibiotic resistance and residues.


Wonder what the person next to you is thinking? You might be high in mind-reading motivation, a new concept developed by professor Melanie Green.


A UB researcher's new smartphone app can help overcome the difficulties in getting people to participate in medical studies.


A UB study found most post-op patients receiving opioids for pain are not checked often enough to detect a potentially deadly side effect.


RIA will continue its critical research training and professional development of addiction researchers with support from the NIH.