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Pregnant woman experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum

The School of Nursing has received a grant to study post-follow-up coordination between patients and their primary care physician.

UB faculty part of SUNY Health Network projects

Eight UB faculty members are part of SUNY Health Network projects that will research treatments and cures for such diseases as tuberculosis and brain disorders including stroke and Alzheimer's disease.

UB launches Immigrant and Refugee Research Institute

The new institute in the School of Social Work will work to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees in Western New York through research on issues involving the welfare of newcomers.

'Nanojuice' could improve how doctors examine the gut

UB researchers are developing a new imaging technique that could help doctors better identify, understand and treat gastrointestinal ailments.

Ice sheet may have melted later than previously thought

Geology graduate student William Philipps will travel to the Arctic to collect data to test the prediction that the Svalbard-Barents Sea Ice-Sheet melted later than 12,000 years ago.

Fear motivates sunscreen use

UB researchers have found that fear and worry about skin cancer had a bigger influence on people’s use of sunscreen than information about the statistical likelihood of developing the disease.

'Master switch' for myelination

UB scientists have identified the single transcription factor, or “master switch,” that initiates the critical myelination process in the brain, a finding that is key to developing MS treatments using stem cells.

UB physician receives abstract award

An abstract by UB faculty member Nitesh D. Kuhadiya on his research on Type 1 diabetes and liraglutide has won the Helmsley Charitable Trust Abstract Award.

Algae blooms act as bodyguards for bacteria

UB researchers have found that green algae in the Great Lakes not only protect bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella from destruction by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but feed the organisms as well.

LaVigne named CEO of Launch NY

Marnie LaVigne, who has guided UB’s economic development efforts since 2005, is leaving the university to become CEO of Launch NY.

UB co-sponsors pavilion at biotech convention

UB co-sponsored New York's pavilion at BIO International Convention, the world’s largest event for the biotechnology industry.