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Great, wonderful, wacky things can come in small genomic packages, according to new biology research from UB.

Insights for first responders

When terrorists strike, emergency workers who have the proper training, information access and a positive work environment will make better decisions, according to research from the School of Management.

Life-saving advice

UB cardiologist Anne Curtis says that even those without training in
cardiopulmonary resuscitation can assist a person who has collapsed.

Playing games with the economy

Two UB graduate students have developed a card game that teaches lessons about the causes of the 2007 financial crisis.

Some questions for the interview

A new book by UB faculty member Paige Sarlin examines the history and unique form of the interview.

Social media key in campus emergencies

Using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread information during campus emergencies can help keep students safer, according to new research from the School of Management.

Move over Marie Osmond

UB researcher Lora Cavuoto has found that success trumps popularity in persuading others to eat right and exercise.

Maintaining vitamin D levels crucial

Residents of snowy, northern U.S. cities are at risk of vitamin D deficiency and may not even know it.

Linking neurology and history

On Abraham Lincoln's birthday, UB neurologist Nicholas Silvestri will give Grand Rounds detailing neurological ailments of U.S. presidents.

‘Digital badges’ would motivate students

New research by UB education professor Sam Abramovich finds that a blend of  digital technology and traditional merit badges would provide an opportunity to both motivate and measure learning.

Linking new genetic anomalies to breast cancer

The “Jewels in our Genes” study, led by UB researcher Heather Ochs-Balcom, has uncovered previously unknown segments of DNA shared by African-American family members who have breast cancer.