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A new UB study is examining the mystery of why veterans can lose their vision long after combat, and what can be done about the problem.

Obesity-prevention programs can help improve blood lipids in kids

A new study led by UB faculty member Youfa Wang finds obesity-prevention programs may improve kids' lipid profiles, even if they do not lower their risk for obesity.

Sweet music or sour notes? The test will tell

UB psychologist Peter Pfordresher is among seven researchers from across the country working on an online singing test that evaluates accuracy of pitch.

Buddhism and the law

A rapidly growing field of study — the influence of Buddhist thought on legal systems worldwide — has its first book-length overview, a new compilation edited by UB faculty members Rebecca French and Mark Nathan.

Startups should seek quality, not quantity, in partnerships

When partnering with larger companies, startups with a small number of carefully chosen alliances will reap the most benefits, according to new research from the School of Management.

Ebola's evolutionary roots

New UB research shows that filoviruses — a family to which Ebola and its similarly lethal relative, Marburg, belong — are at least 16-23 million years old.

What do American babies eat?

A lot depends on Mom’s socioeconomic background, a new UB study has found.

RIA collaborates on study

Scientists at UB’s Research Institute on Addictions are taking part in a National Institute on Drug Abuse Center of Excellence study on the genetics of drug abuse.

Understanding the Ebola outbreak

Several UB experts recently took time to discuss the Ebola epidemic, talking about current problems and providing insight into how advancements in fields from medicine to geography could improve the country’s response to illness.

‘Overwhelming tide’ toward same-sex marriage

UB Law professor Michael Boucai says nationwide legalization of same-sex marriages is only a matter of time.

Strengthening food systems

UB is hosting the Growing Food Connections Policy Database, a searchable database with more than 100 local government food-system policies that can be shared and adapted across the country.