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A student-launched robotics startup is bringing driverless technology to recreational boating.

Three companies approved for START-UP NY

Three more companies will join START-UP NY through their affiliation with UB.

Bon voyage, GRoW Home!

Two flatbed tractor trailers hauling sections of UB's solar home have left Buffalo for the 2,500-mile journey to the Solar Decathlon in Irvine, California.

Using big data to solve a moody issue

A UB public health researcher is part of a team of scientists that will use big data to develop a new approach they say will improve the classification of mood disorders and lead to more effective outcomes for psychiatric patients.

Giving their ancestors a voice

A groundbreaking UB workshop will provide descendants of slaves with the tools they need to research their family history.

Brain cell interaction

UB researchers have developed a new method to study the interface where two cells touch, boosting understanding of myelin diseases such as MS and Krabbe’s Leukodystrophy.

Shedding light on toxins

UB faculty members have developed a new method to analyze toxic flame retardants that have made their way into our bodies — and even lurk in blood and breast milk.

Improve support systems

UB faculty member Hilary Weaver says it's not enough to bring Syrian refugees to the United States. Services must be set up for them once they arrive.

Novel approach to pancreatic cancer treatment

UB pharmaceutical scientist Robert Straubinger is leading a $3.8 million international grant to develop personalized, nanoparticle drug-delivery systems for pancreatic cancer.

Filtering the carbon from coal

A UB-led research team has been awarded a nearly $2 million grant to develop a membrane to remove carbon dioxide from gasified coal before its combustion.

Biden is Democrats' Plan B

Joe Biden has the authenticity that voters want and Hillary Clinton lacks, UB elections expert James Campbell says.