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UB Reporter

About the Reporter

UB Reporter and 'This Week @ UB'

A great place to work deserves great internal communications. The UB Reporter and “This Week @ UB” are essential internal communications tools for UB faculty and staff.

These publications were developed by University Communications and guided by the expressed desire of employees for timely, effective internal communications that are relevant to them and their work, and that enhance the experience of working at UB.

UB Reporter

The weekly faculty/staff online newspaper that focuses on the people, the community and the university by providing important information, as well as interesting news and feature stories. UB Reporter also offers a publishing vehicle for multimedia, and allows its audience to interact with the product. UB Reporter is updated as major news breaks.

Readers can receive an email notifying them when a new issue has been published by subscribing to the UB Reporter mailing list.

'This Week @ UB'

An email bulletin sent to all UB employees that aggregates the top news and announcements for the week into a short, concise read. It is designed as a 90-second read.

Contact Information

UB Reporter
330 Crofts Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: 716-645-4612

Publishing Schedule

Published by the Division of University Communications, University at Buffalo.

  • The UB Reporter is published on Thursdays weekly throughout the calendar year and is updated as major news breaks.
  • This Week @ UB greets all employees in their inbox when they open their UB email accounts every Monday.



Letters will be printed in the UB Reporter and may be submitted here or to

Comments from current UB faculty, staff, students and alumni about a specific article or feature may be posted to “reader comments” using the “post a comment” form found at the end of each article and feature.

The UB Reporter does not publish anonymous comments nor comments posted under a pseudonym. Comments are limited to 125 words; those needing more space to make their point should write a letter to the editor, rather than posting multiple comments. Letters must be succinct and stay below a 800-word maximum. The UB Reporter editor reserves the right not to publish comments that, in the opinion of the editor, make substantially the same point the writer has made in a previous post and do not add anything new to the public discussion of the matter at hand.

General feedback to the editor of the UB Reporter may be submitted here or to

Op-ed articles are not published by the UB Reporter.

Policy for Letters

The UB Reporter encourages and welcomes letters from members of the UB community — defined as faculty, staff, students and alumni — related to its stories and content, as well as other matters of concern and interest to the university community.

The UB Reporter only accepts letters electronically here or via email at

Unless the author specifically indicates otherwise, the UB Reporter has permission to consider for publication any feedback it receives from the UB community. Whether material appears will be at the discretion of the editor. Letters must be succinct and stay below a 800-word maximum. Letters will be fact-checked.

The UB Reporter encourages members of the UB community to submit letters and upholds their right to voice a wide range of opinions, which may or may not agree with official university policy. While championing the right of free speech, the editor also reviews letters with an eye toward assuring that each is in line with standards that would be expected by members of the university community. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Letters should not contain lewd or obscene language.
  • Letters should not represent a personal attack by the writer on other individuals.
  • Letter should not be inflammatory in tone.
  • Letters should not focus on pending personnel matters.

The editor of the UB Reporter in each case checks with the individual (or lead author) whose name is on the letter to make sure that he or she is, indeed, the author and a UB faculty or staff member, student or alumnus. If the author's UB affiliation cannot be confirmed using the UB online directory or the UB alumni database (alumni must include degree and graduation year when submitting a letter), the letter will not be published.

The editor, on occasion, will choose to notify a writer that a letter will not be published if, in the opinion of the editor, the author of the letter has made substantially the same comments in an earlier letter(s) and the new letter does not add anything new to the public discussion of the matter at hand.