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UB to offer certificate in music learning theory

Published August 14, 2014

The Graduate School of Education expands its online offerings this fall with an advanced graduate certificate program in music learning theory, a curriculum to teach educators how to teach their students to become better musicians and appreciate music more throughout their lives.

“Music learning theory is an explanation of how we learn when we learn music. It’s based on an extensive body of research and practical field-testing,” says Maria Runfola, associate professor in the Department of Learning and Instruction.

“This new certificate program will provide music teachers a comprehensive sequence for teaching musicianship to learners of all ages and abilities.”

The advanced graduate certificate in music learning is a 15-credit, fully online program designed for those interested in advanced study in music learning theory and its practical applications, Runfola says.

Persons who successfully complete this program will have the knowledge and skill to guide others in developing better musicianship and to become lifelong learners/consumers of music.

The development of audiation, the unique concept stressed in music learning theory or MLT, helps bring meaning to the music one listens to, performs, improvises, reads and writes. The program aims to make this the “overarching goal” of a music educator.

Interested applicants may apply for the new program through the GSE’s online programs website.