Deadline of Feb. 28 set for workplace violence prevention training

Published January 14, 2020

Employee Relations is reminding all UB faculty and staff of the annual requirement to complete online workplace violence prevention training.

The course, which prepares employees to recognize the early signs of potential workplace violence and its associated behaviors, and who they should contact should a situation occur, must be completed by Feb. 28.

Supervisors should allow their employees time during their work day to complete the training session, which should take 20-30 minutes.

State, RF and UBF staff and faculty — excluding adjuncts — should use UB EDGE to access the course. Adjunct faculty, graduate employees, TAs/GAs, practice plan employees, medical residents/fellows and those with volunteer appointments should access the training via UBlearns.

Anyone with questions about UB’s Workplace Violence Prevention Policy, Domestic Violence and the Workplace Policy, or the associated online training should contact the Office of Employee Relations at 645-4464.