Use FlexiBULL Bucks on campus and get a discount

Published October 8, 2015

Campus Dining & Shops’ FlexiBULL Bucks plan allows faculty and staff to add money to their UB Cards to make purchases, including food, supplies and gifts, at numerous locations, both on and off campus, and at campus vending machines.

A prepaid debit account, the FlexiBULL Bucks plan operates just like Campus Cash for students — but with the added feature of providing a discount that is equal to the sales tax on food and beverage purchases made at any Campus Dining & Shops (CDS) location.

FlexiBULL Bucks can be added to a UB Card by going to the FlexiBULL Bucks page on the CDS website or by calling the UB Card Office at 645-6344 and using a Visa or MasterCard. A FlexiBULL Bucks account can be opened with as little as $25; additional funds can be added any time in increments of $25. FlexiBULL Bucks, which are taxable, do not expire and continue to carry over year to year until the account holder leaves the university.

The list of locations where FlexiBULL Bucks can be used can be found on the FlexiBULL website.