UB tops in dining services among SUNY centers

Published September 24, 2015

UB’s dining services have retained the top ranking among SUNY university centers, according to data from the 2015 SUNY Student Opinion Survey.

In addition to UB, Stony Brook, Binghamton and Albany are classified as SUNY university centers.

“It is wonderful to retain this ranking and reminds us that we need to continue to lead by example and to work closely with our students as we serve this great university,” said Jeff Brady, executive director of UB’s Campus Dining and Shops (CDS).

The survey, conducted across the 64 SUNY institutions every three years, is used to inform administrators about the status of the university’s academics, student and administrative programs, services and facilities as perceived by undergraduate students.

CDS and its bakery division will celebrate their top ranking by creating a No. 1 cookie display in the Student Union on Sept. 25. Approximately 2,500 cookies will be decorated with a special logo and served to guests beginning at noon, with an additional 2,000 cookies to be served that night as a dessert item in the university’s three residential dining centers. CDS staff across the university will be wearing a special T-shirt designed for the day.

CDS received its highest satisfaction score to date in the survey and its sixth consecutive improved score going back to 2000.

“We are excited with the changes and improvements that we have made in our program because our students and campus stakeholders are excited,” Brady said. “We listen and value their input in building a program that is now being nationally recognized.”