By the Numbers

We annually assist hundreds of public and private organizations in enhancing and sustaining their strategy and execution. We do so by delivering technical assistance  to ignite innovation, OpEx/continuous improvement consultation to drive growth, and professional education to strengthen employee performance and skill sets.

The performance measures below, from Fiscal Year 2017-18, provide a glimpse into our achievements.

337 Businesses Served.
279 Process Improvement Projects.
37 Students Placed.
1588 People Trained.
$1,911,291 in Revenue.
24 Markets Served.

Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) Grant Impact

We reduce the project cost for companies in New York that receive technical support with the aid of the State University of New York's Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) Grant. Below are metrics highlighting the impact of SPIR-subsidized projects for Fiscal Year 2017-18.

21 SPIR Projects.
91 Jobs Created.
3243 Client Jobs Retained.
$56,850,000 in client sales.

Industry 4.0 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOC Infographic.

UB launched a “101”-level series of MOOCs about manufacturing’s newest era, Industry 4.0. Collectively, the courses make up the Digital Manufacturing and Design Technology series and are available on the Coursera platform.

The specialization provides a foundation in how digital advances are altering the capabilities of manufacturers, by connecting different parts of the manufacturing life-cycle through data (Industrial Internet of Things, aka IIoT). In the final course, learners create a roadmap to achieve personal goals related to a digital manufacturing and design career.

Click on the infographic to have a look at the specialization’s composition, creators, target audience, and early outcomes.

Innovation Hub Accelerator (iHub)

iHub Infographic.

TCIE and a consortium of UB entities embarked on a two-year, $699,130 project partially funded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to foster innovation, job creation and private capital investment. The Innovation Hub (iHub) Accelerator Program created a stronger, more cohesive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Western New York by accelerating the commercialization pipeline, connecting entrepreneurs to university and community resources, and cultivating a highly skilled talent pool through education. It also developed an online tool for entrepreneurs to start, build and grow their business – the precursor to a resource now available through the venture development organization LaunchNY.

Click on the infographic to see a visual depiction of the iHub's influence and impact.