Technical Assistance

At far right, UB Artificial Intelligence Director David Doermann meets with Bill Northrup (far left), president of North Park Innovations, along with a company employee and UB graduate student. .

Innovation is not a luxury, but a necessity. UB houses New York State’s largest and most comprehensive public engineering school. It is stocked with expertise to deliver the technical assistance your business needs to knock down barriers, solve problems and foster breakthroughs.

Address your technical challenges

Are new products being held hostage on the wish list because of knowledge shortcomings? Do you have the expertise, but lack the time, to overcome a nagging technical hurdle?

We serve as a gateway to accessing high-quality engineering research and development ventures, connecting you with world-class faculty experts and student talent from any of UB’s nine engineering departments:

We have the brains and agility to help with your pressing issue. Fill out the Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) form and you will be considered for grant funding.