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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations put forth an ambitious plan- seventeen global goals with 169 targets to hit by 2030 to make our world more resilient and sustainable. As a reader of Sustainability Now, you'll notice that each one of our news stories that feature the University at Buffalo and Western New York will be highlighted with the corresponding Goals that pertain to the article. This will show UB's part in helping to attain these goals, and our commitment to make the planet a better place for everyone. 


As an intern last spring with Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, Molly Dreyer helped run many of the organization’s planting events across the region’s watershed. That experience sparked Dreyer’s idea to do something similar to give Lake LaSalle on UB’s North Campus a much-needed shot of life.


Jesse Cole imagined himself becoming a highly paid physician working in a fancy hospital, just like those featured on television shows. "That would be my career," said Cole, who was raised in suburban Maryland and came to Buffalo to study medicine. But his thinking shifted. Why? Because of the semester he and 13 fellow students at the University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences spent in one of Buffalo's poorest neighborhoods.


Buffalo played host to a group of adventurous guests: about 80 glacier and ice sheet scientists who came from as far away as New Zealand and Abu Dhabi to discuss the latest climate change research at a conference hosted by the UB Department of Geology.


SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson had a role in the highest-grossing film of all time. She didn’t appear in “Avatar,” but a company she co-founded was responsible for its Academy Award-winning visual effects, specifically the 3D images of the blue Na’vi people.


An international conference on glaciers and ice sheets will bring about 80 climate researchers from around the world to Buffalo this June. The event — the International Glaciological Society (IGS) Symposium on Timescales, Processes and Glacier Dynamics — will feature presentations by some of the leading climate researchers of our time. The aim is to advance scientific knowledge of how ice sheets and glaciers respond to climate change, which could lead to improved predictions of how quickly sea levels will rise over the next century and beyond.


UB’s South Campus Revitalization Plan is finally getting into gear. Changes coming to the university’s historic Main Street campus, which include renovations and demolitions, were revealed during a public forum on Wednesday in Wende Hall on the South Campus.