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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations put forth an ambitious plan- seventeen global goals with 169 targets to hit by 2030 to make our world more resilient and sustainable. As a reader of Sustainability Now, you'll notice that each one of our news stories that feature the University at Buffalo and Western New York will be highlighted with the corresponding Goals that pertain to the article. This will show UB's part in helping to attain these goals, and our commitment to make the planet a better place for everyone. 


A new college review aggregator has ranked the University at Buffalo among the nation’s 25 most environmentally friendly colleges and universities.


For a hoax invented by the Chinese, climate change is having some very real impacts on the United States and its people. As the evidence grows that the Earth will continue to get warmer — something even the Trump maladministration admits is true — the US government continues to ignore the obvious as it coddles the Koch Brothers and the fossil fuel industry to the detriment of its own citizens.


Gender and racial bias still exist in the legal profession and have an impact on “everyday interactions in legal workplaces,” according to a new report. “You Can’t Change What You Can’t See: Interrupting Racial and Gender in the Legal Profession” was released in September by the American Bar Association and Minority Corporate Counsel Association.


How have pollutants emitted by the Tonawanda Coke Corp. affected the health and environment of communities in Western New York? Two court-ordered studies that examine these questions are moving forward this fall, with the goal of providing people who live and work nearby with high-quality, research-based information on the impact of air pollution on their neighborhoods


While the city is fixing all the stuff that broke down the last time [during Superstorm Sandy], what about the next storm? Because all the experts keep telling us there will be a next time, that Sandy was just a climate change foreshadow of what’s to come for this part of the country. But where is all this water coming from? Why are we seeing so much more flooding in New York City and other parts of the east coast?


When Katie McClain-Meeder and her husband, Jesse Meeder, were searching for some available land in the country a few years ago, they weren’t shopping for a farm, specifically. So when the couple discovered 43 acres for sale south of Franklinville, they decided to make the purchase. The land had possibilities.