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UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Nations put forth an ambitious plan- seventeen global goals with 169 targets to hit by 2030 to make our world more resilient and sustainable. As a reader of Sustainability Now, you'll notice that each one of our news stories that feature the University at Buffalo and Western New York will be highlighted with the corresponding Goals that pertain to the article. This will show UB's part in helping to attain these goals, and our commitment to make the planet a better place for everyone. 


The College of Arts and Sciences has received a $3.174 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in support of a new Department of Indigenous Studies.


Alumna Jessica Ottney Mahar graduated in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in English. Today, she works as the New York director of policy and strategy for the Nature Conservancy, where she shapes environmental policy and was instrumental in passing the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.


Finished with that cup of yogurt? Don’t throw it in the blue UB recycling bin. Some of the rules have changed, and UB Sustainability has some advice on what now can and cannot be recycled.


As the world warms, a new study is helping scientists understand how cone-bearing trees like pines and junipers may respond to drought. The research addresses a classic question in the field: When conditions are dry for long periods of time, do trees survive by growing new roots to tap water sources, or by relying on established roots that already go deep?


Scientists have created thin films made from barium zirconium sulfide (BaZrS3) and confirmed that the materials have alluring electronic and optical properties predicted by theorists.


In collaboration with the community, UB is focusing the expertise and passions of researchers and students from across the university on a major new effort to address one of the most pressing problems facing the city of Buffalo: health disparities among people who live on the city’s East Side.