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If you are interested in joining the incubator program, we'd like to hear about your business, markets, needs and opportunities.

Once you complete the Incubator Inquiry Form, an incubator staff member will contact you for next steps.

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To be Considered for the Incubator Program

To be considered for the incubator program, you must complete the following:

  • Complete an Incubator Inquiry form.
  • Schedule an informational tour.
  • Fill out a Needs Assessment form
  • Submit a written business plan so we can understand your business.
  • Show proof that your business carries a general liability insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury or property damage.
  • EPA ID: Clients dealing with hazardous materials must possess an effective U.S. Environmental Protection Agency identification number.

What is the Selection Process?

Companies applying for tenancy in the incubator will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The application of a unique technology-based innovation. This does not necessarily mean high technology or a technical product. Although the venture does not have to have a proprietary product, service, or niche, it should envision a competitive edge.
  • Reasonable anticipated risk parameters.
  • A strong business model that demonstrates a well-defined potential market and affords an opportunity for the client to achieve near-term positive cash flow and an eventual sustainable advantage in the marketplace.
  • A full-time commitment from the founding scientists/entrepreneurs. The principals must be willing to make a full-time commitment to their venture and be able to support themselves and the development of their firm during both its embryonic stage and its follow-on and growth phases.
  • The venture's potential contribution to the Western New York economy.
  • Benefits that the applicant will garner from incubator occupancy.
  • Envisioned current and prospective linkages between the applicant and UB.
  • Patent protectability.
  • Job growth potential.
  • The adequacy of the start-up funds that are readily available.
  • The applicant's professional experience and education.
  • The impact of planned activities on existing incubator residents.

What is the Application Review Process

From inquiry through disposition, the review process will take at least 15 business days. The process follows:

  • You (entrepreneur) complete and submit an Incubator Inquiry form to schedule an informational tour.
  • You (entrepreneur) submit a Needs Assessment form and a Summary Business Plan.
    • (Needs Assessment access provided by incubator personnel when appropriate).
  • Incubator staff and incubator admissions committee will review your (the entrepreneur) materials.
  • Incubator staff will notify you on the disposition of your application.
  • You (entrepreneur) review, complete and sign a Revocable Permit for Occupancy.