Current Incubator Clients



Technology Incubator

Client companies of the UB Technology Incubator located in Baird Research Park on the University at Buffalo North Campus.

Abcombi Biosciences

Suite: 227

Abcombi Biosciences is a pre-clinical vaccine and therapeutic development company dedicated to delivering “smarter” vaccine and anti-infective solutions. To accomplish this, we have developed key technologies and analytical strategies to facilitate our unique protection strategies

Contact: Charles Jones


Suite: 223

Biologichem LLC, a pharmaceutical and biotechnology R&D and consulting firm, designs, synthesizes and develops commercial routes for chemical products.  Biologichem utilizes a variety of enabling technologies to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly processes.

Contact: Duane Mazur


Suites: 226, 228, 231

Dimien is focused on the development and commercialization of energy related materials that lead to product innovations. With an emphasis on accelerating time to market, Dimien focuses on transitioning laboratory innovations into commercially viable products with agility and efficiency. Dimien is best known for their "smart" window film that dynamically controls solar heat gain in buildings. The applied film turns ordinary and out-of-date windows into “smart windows” that would both increase energy efficiency and comfort in buildings.


Suite: 230B is a Sports Specific Social Media Site boasting a scored debate platform where sports fans can connect, share, and debate all things sports.


Suite: 230C

Geocove provides scalable GIS consulting solutions for your business needs. Our team has years of experience designing and implementing geospatial technology systems to support government agencies, utilities and private industry.

As Esri Business Partners, we also provide support and customization for the Esri suite of GIS products including mobile, server and arcgis online products and development environments.

Contact: Karyn Tareen


Suite: 229

Helios-NRG, LLC, founded in 2009, is a technology development and consulting company with expertise in industrial gases, gas separations, clean energy, strategic management and commercial development. The company is developing a step change algae technology for bio-fuels and water remediation applications. A novel gas separation membrane technology is under development in partnership with Oak Ridge National Labs. The company provides consulting services to the Department of Energy and Industrial clients in algae, hydrogen, separations, clean coal, gasification, CO2 capture technologies and in plant operations and commercial practices. Helios-NRG joined the UB Technology Incubator in May 2012.

Natural Energy Systems America

Suite: 102B

Natural Energy Systems Inc. is in the business of providing ‘turn-key’ Waste to Energy production plants designed and built to a customer’s specifications, which include the conversion of organic materials (waste and non-waste) to energy products and the destruction of hazardous organic compounds found in the feedstock. 

Contact: Dray Matovic

Nupur Technologies

Suites: 101, 207, 220

Nupur Technologies, LLC is a medical device company, whose mission is to design, develop and market new, patented, cost effective technologies in the medical device field. Based in Buffalo, New York, Nupur draws upon the rich tradition of manufacturing excellence in the region. Nupur’s expertise includes assembly, testing, automation, and US and international standards compliance. Their State-of-the-art facilities, equipment and administrative sophistication provide superior value.

ONY Inc.

Suites: 104, 106, 108, 114-120, 211, 215, 217

Produces INFASURF ®, a prescription pharmaceutical drug that is instilled into the lungs of newborns infants with, or at risk for, respiratory failure. ONY has been an anchor tenant of the incubator since its inception in 1989.

Programmable Equipment Company

Suite: 214

Programmable Equipment Company (PEC) provides a new type of software product used to control automated test equipment (ATE) for military and industrial applications. PEC's software product uses a powerful content management system (CMS) development environment, allowing a developer to rapidly create and manage applications by simply filling out forms. Once an application is built, the software then generates end user tools including a touch screen, tablet style user interface. Macros are created to operate the equipment by simply dragging & dropping items from the CMS into Microsoft's Visual Studio. The software product excels at the integration of multi-media within an application, providing a custom home page for every application as well as HTML based instruction prompts, which are automatically shown when running tasks.

Smart Walls Construction

Suite: 102A

Smart Walls Construction is focused on the development of telescoping rectangular fiber-reinforced concrete boxes to be the basis of "rise on demand" flood walls. The walls can be installed below ground-level so as not to block water views and can be raised when the threat of flooding occurs.

Contact: Jorge Cueto

StartSmartR Capital Corporation

Suite: 230A

StartSmartR Capital Corporation (SCC), an IT company, as one of its key missions, develops business for existent technologies which have little, if any, effective commercial exposure and new technologies/products wanting to be commercialized.  Along with its proprietary mind technology, SCC will adjoin collective intelligent innovation technology and deploy it to new/existing businesses to enhance existent technologies entering new markets, including pharmacology, education, environmental science, and intelligent community development.

Contact: John Simon

UFC Biotechnology

Suites: 223, 225

UFC Biotechnology (a New York State Corporation) is focused on providing products for Life Sciences here and abroad. UFC Biotechnology is focused on synthesizing high value molecules used in Life Sciences. It has the know-how on good portfolio of high value molecules used in Life Sciences. It aims to establish a synthesis laboratory at UB campus to provide products for the Life Sciences marketplace. It will offer a number of high value molecules such as Luciferin. UFC Biotechnology is also open to collaboration with local Life Sciences companies for custom synthesis.

UFC Biotechnology formed a joint venture in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).  The joint venture company is called UFC Biotech. This JV Company will provide a continually evolving portfolio of products designed to meet everyday R&D needs for the growing area of molecular biology and Life Sciences within the Kingdom and the region. UFC Biotech (KSA) assembled a highly technically competent production team and experienced sales force in order to achieve its goals. It will also consider various sales / distribution schemes to have access to the wider regional market. UFC Biotechnology joined the UB Technology Incubator in July 2012. 


Suite: 224

Vascudyne is a company currently working on developing a tissue-based coronary bypass graft. 

Contact: Mark Lauren

You First Services

Suite: 222

You First Services offer preventive health care services, environmental control diagnostics, environmental air treatment devices and research, and educational programs aimed at contributing towards the health requirements of individuals and professionals. With a unique preventive health care model they aim to reduce hospital admissions, emergency department visits and unnecessary advanced diagnostics use. You First Services strive to create new ways for individuals to lead improved, healthy lives by focusing on personalized care to ease the overall economic burden of health care. You First Services desire to serve people with honesty and integrity, effectively partnering with patients in decision making.