UB START-UP NY Companies

President Tripathi talking about START-UP NY.

UB President Satish Tripathi notes the win-win opportunities for the university and the state through START-UP NY. 

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  • 3AM Innovations

    3AM logo.

    3AM has partnered with experts around the globe to protect firefighters, designing a solution that utilizes state-of-the-art sensors, communication technologies, and software which we call FLARE – an acronym for Firefighter Location and Rescue Equipment.

  • Acudex, Inc.

    Acudex is a biotech company developing a novel technology platform for the detection of immunological markers, primarily for new biomarkers for autoimmune and other immunological non-autoimmune disorders.

  • ACV Auctions Inc.


    ACV Auctions Inc. developed a mobile-based business-tobusiness app, enabling dealers to auction autos quickly and simply, in real time, and allowing them to operate in a more efficient manner.

  • Aesku Diagnostics


    Aesku NY, Inc. is a research-focused supplier of innovative and efficient products and services for the early detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of autoimmune diseases.

  • ALIGN StarPro

    ALIGN HealthCare Solutions delivers transparent consultative services and customized dashboards that are guided by the key performance indicators (KPI's) that have the greatest impact on improving patient outcomes while maximizing allowable reimbursement in order to optimize business performance and overall value.

  • Asarasi

    Asarasi logo.

    At Asarasi we have literally tapped into nature, living Maple trees. We carbonate, store and deliver this water straight to you! By sourcing our water from living trees Asarasi has created the world’s ONLY sustainable & renewable, bottled sparkling water.



    BAK USA, LLC is a new manufacturer of tablet PC devices.

  • Bounce Imaging

    Bounce Imaging logo.

    Bounce Imaging is a new R&D company developing a 360-degree tactical throwable camera to give first-responders critical intelligence as they enter dangerous spaces. 

  • Burner Fitness

    Mind and body training. Burner Fitness will get you in the best shape of your life. Beginner or seasoned athlete, our coaches and training programs work. 

  • Canget BioTekpharma, LLC


    Canget BioTekpharma, LLC is a biotechnology research company and anti-cancer drug developer. It identified a water-insoluble novel drug that can improve outcomes for advanced late-stage metastatic/relapse colon cancer.

  • Chronicle LifeSci America Corp.

    Chronicle LifeSci.

    Chronicle LifeSci America Corp. is launching a mobile web portal, www.derm.city, to serve as a global clinical news and international social networking community for physicians.

  • Circuit Clinical

    Circuit Clinical logo.

    Circuit Clinical is personalizing medicine by streamlining the process and reducing costs for physician conducted clinical trials. Patients benefit as studies produce new medical solutions.

  • CleanCapital

    CleanCapital logo.

    CleanCapital is a financial technology company that makes it easy to invest in clean energy. CleanCapital has built a proprietary technology platform that identifies, screens and manages clean energy projects.

  • ClearView Social, Inc.

    CV Social.

    ClearView Social, Inc. is a software company that is developing a social media application for the legal services community.

  • Cytocybernetics, Inc.


    Cytocybernetics, Inc. is a company that has developed a lead product for the improvement of drug safety screening in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • DaStrong Corp.


    DaStrong Corp. is a new company developing and manufacturing a next generation cooling fan for electronic equipment.

  • Decision Pace, Inc.

    Decision Pace.

    Decision Pace, Inc. is a software development company that provides data analytics web software to medium to large businesses that allows for immediate and high-value visualization company information.

  • Digital Surveillance Solutions

    Digital Surveillance Solutions.

    DSS works collaboratively with private and public entities of all sizes to protect an organization's people and assets through the integration and implementation of “best-of-breed” physical security products.

  • Efferent Labs


    Efferent Labs is a biotech company working to help those afflicted with disease have better, more effective treatment while reducing patient suffering and at the same time lowering the cost to the healthcare system.

  • Energy Intelligence, LLC

    Energy Intelligence.

    Energy Intelligence, LLC has developed an ultra-compact energy-harvesting technology to generate electricity from the motion of vehicles. It is developing ultra-compact, road-mounted technology intended for use at slow-down points.

  • Enhanced Pharmacodynamics, LLC

    Enhanced Pharmacodynamics.

    Enhanced Pharmacodynamics, LLC is a new contract research organization that assists biotech and pharmaceutical drug development programs with techniques to guide dose selection.

  • Food Nerd

    Food Nerd logo.

    Food Nerd is a vegan meal preparation company that strives to provide nutrient-dense foods at an affordable cost. We specialize in 100% plant-based meals for numerous health and environmental reasons with biochemistry behind our recipes!

  • For-Robin, Inc.


    For-Robin, Inc. is a New York State woman-owned biotechnology research and development enterprise established to revolutionize cancer treatment through targeted treatment of breast, colon, prostate, bladder, and other cancers.

  • Garwood Medical Devices

    Garwood Medical Devices logo.

    Garwood Medical Devices, LLC (formerly EnerMed) is a biotechnology research and development company that owns, and intends to license, patent pending  technologies for novel portable patient‐specific wound and bone healing devices.

  • Geocove, Inc.


    Geocove, Inc. is a software and application development company that creates custom geographic information systems (GIS) tools and provides GIS-based services to a multitude of industries.

  • GlobalSecurity IQ

    GlobalSecurity IQ logo.

    GlobalSecurityIQ is a collaboration of active and retired law enforcement officers and private sector IT engineers who are highly skilled in cybersecurity, intelligence and cyber education. Let our certified cybersecurity experts help you "harden" your business environment from nefarious threat actors and provide cyber risk education to your employees.

  • HarkerBIO, LLC


    HarkerBIO, LLC is a biotechnology business providing services to advance the development of pharmaceuticals, using technologies developed at the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute to accelerate the drug design process.

  • Heads Up Display, Inc.

    Heads Up Display.

    Heads Up Display, Inc. is a technology company creating products and engineering devices to enhance industrial safety, and developing software to provide additional protection for employees working in dangerous environments.

  • HigherMe

    HigherMe helps retail companies find good workers easily. It helps workers find jobs with profiles that stand out and get applied to several openings simultaneously.

  • Ignition Life Solutions, Inc.

    Ignition Life Solutions.

    Ignition Life Solutions, Inc. provides innovative data population management services in the healthcare industry, including software that increases the accuracy of medical billing, reduces errors, and loss of revenue.

  • iNano Medical Inc.

    iNano Medical Inc. logo.

    iNano Medical is technically advanced, client service-oriented business that pursues the goal of mutual excellent through personal and collaborative efforts. This drives us to use MEMS(Micro Electronic Mechanical system) technology and Nanometer Engineering technology to provide professional and state-of-art medical devices to our clients

  • interactiveX, Inc.

    interactive X logo.

    InteractiveX is an educational technology company producing a Learning Management System that delivers educational content to create an interactive experience for students and teachers alike in classrooms. 

  • Kangarootime

    Kangarootime logo.

    Every care center can create a better connection with the families that they serve. Kangarootime.com automates check-in, tuition billing and payment and child-specific instructions for daily care.

  • Keep Truckin, Inc.

    Keep Truckin.

    Keep Truckin, Inc. is expanding its research and development in New York State by developing a mobile-application allowing paperless driver logs and fleet management services for the trucking industry.

  • LenderLogix

    LenderLogix logo.

    LenderLogix is an early stage IT company that has created a software platform aimed to help mortgage bankers identify and cultivate stronger relationships with real estate agents.

  • Liazon Corporation


    Liazon Corporation is a provider of private online health benefit exchanges. It's looking to expand its technology and its operations to accommodate increased demnad by insurance carriers, brokers, and employers.

  • Marion Surgical

    Marion Surgical logo.

    Marion Surgical is working with surgeons from around the globe to build a truly next generation suite of surgical simulators. Through VR, Marion Surgical enables surgeons to learn, collaborate, practice and share procedures in a realistic, safe, cloud-hosted environment.

  • Nupur Technologies, LLC

    Nupur Technologies.

    Nupur Technologies, LLC is a research and development medical device company that is developing a device to clear blockages in the ear.

  • Oncolinx

    Oncolinx logo.

    In conjunction with the National Cancer Institute, R&D biotech company Oncolinx is developing targeted cancer immunotherapies, using a patented, immune-activating drug payload called Azonafide that avoids many of the side effects associated with traditional forms of chemotherapy.

  • Painless 1099

    Painless 1099 logo.

    Painless1099 is a software platform that helps freelancers save for tax season by helping users open an online bank account for 1099 income, automatically withhold taxes, and then deposit what is safe to spend directly into a personal checking account.

  • PathoVax

    PathoVax is committed to addressing the devastating economic burden, social stigma and poor compliance rates resulting from the incomplete protection of current HPV vaccines.

  • Patient Pattern

    Patient Pattern logo.

    Patient Pattern improves healthcare for chronically ill patients by bridging the gap between technology and geriatric care. It designs decision support software for risk assessments, standardized care plans and appropriate recommendations for individuals with complex medical problems.

  • Postprocess Technologies, LLC

    Post Process.

    Postprocess Technologies, LLC is an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) company that offers support removal systems, surface finish equipment, wastewater treatment systems, vacuum drying equipment, removal detergents, finishing media, consumables, coatings, and infusing work with all 3D printing technologies.

  • Qidni Labs

    Qidni Labs.

    Qidni Labs is working on an implantable renal replacement therapy. Our device would reduce several costs associated with dialysis equipment, caregivers and insurance providers. We are creating an opportunity for patients to have access to renal replacement therapy continuously and at all times.

  • Qoints


    Qoints is a software tool that leverages industry benchmarks to improve digital marketing results, allowing brand marketers to compare their results against the rest of their market category or industry to improve planning and measuring digital campaigns.

  • Qoma

    Qoma logo.

    Qoma develops and supports advanced analytic systems to facilitate information discovery, detect trends and patterns, uncover relationships, and put events in context for customers in the financial services sector. 

  • Rephike

    Business is about people and relationships, always has been & always will be. Rephike create more of those moments by allowing brands to find inspiring people who really get them, who have a trusted voice in their community, and want to use that voice to share their personal experience with the brand with people who actually care.

  • Sedara


    Sedara is an information security company, offering tools, technology and services to businesses to help keep them secure, compliant and confident that their data and reputation are protected. 

  • Silo City IT

    Cyber threats are ever evolving... Are you prepared to stop them?  Silo City is here to help! Our unique cybersecurity offerings encompass state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Using AI, we can provide you with a managed security solution to safeguard your business and ease your mind. 

  • SomaDetect

    SomaDetect logo.

    SomaDetect is an in-line sensor that measures every critical indicator of dairy quality (fat, protein, somatic cell counts, progesterone, and antibiotics) from every cow at every milking. It uses no consumables (no chemicals, no cartridges, no lost milk), is extremely quick (results in seconds, not minutes), and accurate.

  • Squire

    Gentlemen, meet Squireâ„¢ – a free mobile app that allows you to book and pay for a haircut or shave in three taps. Brought to you by a team of style-conscious entrepreneurs, our mission is to keep you looking sharp, hassle free.

  • Suncayr

    At Suncayr, our mission is to give you the UV awareness that you need to safely enjoy every day you spend outside. Since sunscreen is invisible when it's both working and not working, how do you know that your sunscreen is still doing its job? SPOT, a smart UV indicating sticker solves this problem.

  • Tactiva Therapeutics

    Tactiva Therapeutics logo.

    At Tactiva Therapeutics, we are taking the fight to cancer by developing “Next Generation” adoptive cell therapy (ACT) strategies that deliver lethal hits to cancer cells. Our approach provides robust and sustained immune attack on tumors by infusing large numbers of patients’ own T cells that have been re-programed to recognize, attack and destroy cancer cells.

  • TARA

    TARA bridges the innovation gap with a predictive product management system, powered by AI and millions of projects across the web. It also helps allocate resources by providing access to pre-screened and on-demand engineering resources, managed by our smart platform. We combine human talent and work automation, to save you time and money. TARA stands for Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation.

  • Trove Predictive Data Science

    TROVE helps companies move beyond managing data to making it useful with an easy to deploy platform that unleashes the power of predictive data science to deliver dramatically better business results.

  • UltraCell Insulation

    UltraCell Insulation.

    UltraCell is launching a proven technology for converting recycled cardboard into a high performance building insulation, which will blend fiber from pulped recycled cardboard with fiber from other clean paper stocks.

  • Vader Systems, LLC


    Vader Systems, LLC manufactures high-volume direct-to-metal 3D printers using the compay's proprietary liquid metal jet printing technology.

  • Voiceitt Inc.

    Talkit and Voiceitt logo.

    VOICEITT Inc., is developing a unique speech-recognition technology that translates unintelligible sounds into coherent speech in real time. Their software application, Talkitt, enables a person with speech disabilities to communicate intuitively and freely using the most natural means available to them: their own voice. 

  • WeDidit

    We Did It logo.

    Fundraising just got smarter, not harder with WeDidIt -- an online fundraising platform for nonprofits and fiscal sponsors.

  • You First Services

    You First Services.

    You First Services intends to commercialize technologies that have been created in the laboratory setting but have not been supported by the resources necessary to get to the market.

  • ZeptoMetrix Corp.


    ZeptoMetrix Corp. is a biotechnology business specializing in products and services for the global infectious disease diagnostic market, offering support from initial test kit design to manufacturing and launch.