Focus Area Lead

Jason Briner.

Jason Briner


Department of Geology


Long-term, we seek to create a cadre of graduates with world leading expertise and substantial capacity in all topics related to research, education and training in climate change, environmental justice and vulnerability, sea-level rise and global impacts and risks.  For example, we have the potential to be the top university in training students to understand sea-level rise induced by climate change, and to help society map out appropriate responses for a sustainable future.  Short-term, with a hire in climate modeling, UB would harbor one of the top US research groups focused on climate and ice sheet change.  We thus propose the hire of an expert in climate modeling, probably focused on ice sheets, but with sufficiently broad interests and abilities not only to integrate current data-driven research within a theoretical framework, but also to bridge to the greater climate system, related hazards through a strong link with the Center for Geohazards Studies (CGS), and ultimately to environmental and societal impacts.