Participating Schools and Colleges

Under the leadership and vision of deans and faculty from seven participating schools and colleges, RENEW fosters new collaborations and produces new ideas.

“Cities, urban activities and our built environment are some of the greatest contributors to global environmental change. They have profound effects on energy infrastructure, land use, water quality and the atmosphere.  At the same time, ecological and sustainability ethics have significantly influenced the disciplines of architecture, urban planning and design. With this initiative, the School of Architecture and Planning has an unprecedented opportunity to work across the disciplines to advance new knowledge and research on these globally significant issues.”

photo of Robert Shibley.

Robert Shibley

Dean, School of Architecture and Urban Planning

“The RENEW initiative brings into sharp focus the extensive research, scholarship and educational activities of the faculty members of the College of Arts and Sciences — science and policy issues related to energy, water and the environment, as well as matters pertaining to the Great Lakes and Canada-U.S. relations. RENEW positions the University at Buffalo to play a more vigorous role in addressing — through knowledge building and outreach — important science, public health and policy questions, questions that will be central to the nation’s agenda for the foreseeable future.”

photo of Robin Schulze.

Robin Schulze

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

"RENEW is partnering with researchers throughout the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to solve the most pressing global, societal, and technical challenges associated with energy, water and the environment. Engineers and applied scientists play a central role in addressing these issues and our partnerships with RENEW are establishing our reputation as a global leader in research, scholarship, education and innovation."

photo of Liesel Folks.

Kemper Lewis

Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

“UB RENEW is an innovative and cross-decanal collaborative initiative at the cutting edge of interdisciplinarity. It is true to UB’s mission as a public research university whose research inquiries merge the global and the local. RENEW’s three pillars — energy, environment and water — are of central importance to the Buffalo Niagara region and critical to the future of our planet. The work of the institute has the potential to make UB a global destination for scholars and policy-makers. It is important, too, that RENEW will educate a new generation of UB students in some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Above all, RENEW could serve as a new model for collaborations across UB in keeping with UB 2020. The Law School is very pleased to be a partner with other decanal units in this exciting and promising initiative. I believe it opens a new frontier for thinking about synergistic pursuits at UB.”

James Gardner.

Aviva Abramovsky

Dean, UB Law School

“The management of energy and environmental concern is typical of the complex and multifaceted mega-problems that will loom large in the coming decades. The School of Management is eager to incorporate these concerns into management research and education. From system-wide optimization of a complex energy grid to the study of consumer behavior in the presence of green alternatives, the faculty of the School of Management have much to contribute to the UB-wide interdisciplinary research agenda of RENEW."

photo of Arjang Assad.

Paul Tesluk

Dean, School of Management

“Our school is honored to be part of the RENEW initiative. Energy, water and the environment will present some of the most critical issues for public health in the coming decades. Our environment influences the health of our communities, both locally and globally. Understanding factors that impact our air, water and environment is a central component of RENEW and critical to maintaining the public’s health."

photo of Jean Wactawski-Wende.

Jean Wactawski-Wende

Dean, School of Public Health and Health Professions

"RENEW enables faculty in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to work with a multidisciplinary team of scientists and educators with diverse backgrounds but a common interest in energy, water, and the environment to discover and disseminate new knowledge that favorably impacts the public health."


photo of Jean Wactawski-Wende.

Michael Cain

Dean, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences