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Northeast Modern Language Association

Contingent / Adjunct / Independent Scholar / Two-Year Caucus (C.A.I.T.Y.)

The C.A.I.T.Y. Caucus advocates for NeMLA members who are contingent, adjunct, or independent scholars and/or teach at two-year institutions. The Caucus organizes panels, speakers, and discussions on topics including pedagogy, unionizing, and non-traditional career paths, offering travel and paper prizes in support of these endeavors. Everyone with interests in these areas is welcome!

C.A.I.T.Y. Caucus Paper Prize

NeMLA awards an annual prize for the best essay developed from a paper presented by contingent faculty, adjunct instructors, independent scholars, and two-year college faculty members at any of the Convention’s sections.

The submission deadline for the annual C.A.I.T.Y. Caucus Paper Prize is December 15. The competition is limited to papers presented by C.A.I.T.Y. members at a session during the NeMLA convention earlier in the year. Contingent faculty, adjunct instructors, independent scholars, and two-year college faculty are invited to send 20-25 page versions of their essay to the caucus secretary.

Criteria for all Caucus Essay Awards

Submissions should be between 7,000 and 9,000 words, with a maximum of 10,000 words including notes and works cited. We cannot consider unrevised paper presentations. The author’s name, address, and academic affiliation should appear only on a separate cover sheet.

Each caucus prize offers a $100 cash award. Prize-winning essays will automatically be considered for publication by Modern Language Studies. All essays are subject to MLS’s double-blind review.

A list of previous winners is available here.

C.A.I.T.Y. Caucus Travel Award

The NeMLA C.A.I.T.Y. travel awards are open to contingent faculty, adjunct instructors, independent scholars, and two-year college faculty who have been accepted to present at the annual Convention. The online application is available during the month of December prior to the convention; we will not accept applications by mail, fax or e-mail.

You can apply for a travel grant using the C.A.I.T.Y. Travel Award Application Form.


Nominations for leadership positions within our Caucus are accepted up to the annual C.A.I.T.Y. Meeting/Reception, held at the annual NeMLA convention. The election itself also takes place at the Meeting/Reception. Officers include the following:


Oversees the caucus and is elected triennially. The President serves on the NeMLA board, and attends both fall and spring board meetings (the fall board meeting is typically held at the upcoming convention site). Other responsibilities include organizing convention C.A.I.T.Y. events, and assisting with the C.A.I.T.Y. Paper Prize and Travel Awards.

Vice President

Assists the President with caucus business and is elected biennially. The Vice President organizes and chairs the Travel Grant Committee, manages caucus emails and surveys, and assists with the C.A.I.T.Y. Paper Prize. The Vice President is also in charge of outreach during the convention: planning for a C.A.I.T.Y. presence at other Caucus events, and actively pursuing new membership and submissions for the travel and paper prizes.


Elected biennially. Ensures webpage stays up to date by working with NeMLA webmaster. Takes minutes during annual business meeting at conference. Oversees the C.A.I.T.Y. Paper Prize and assists with outreach during the conference and at other times.

Current Officers

Katelynn DeLuca

President and Board Representative

Emily Lauer

Past President

Maryann DiEdwardo

Vice President