Why Students Choose Us

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Students from the 2015 Intro to Issues in Veteran and Military Family Care course

Students enrolled in the curriculum Focus receive training specific to working with veterans and military families. Students in the Focus have the opportunity to participate in field/clinical placements in a variety of settings, all related to veterans or military families. Learn more about field opportunities.

Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with the Veterans Administration Western New York Healthcare System, many of the MSW advanced year Focus students intern at the Buffalo/Batavia VA.

What students are saying

"I have committed myself to serving those who have served." -MSW student

Class picture.

Students from the 2014 Intro to Issues class

  • "I believe the VMF Focus will help me gain knowledge to better help veterans and their families."
  • "I joined the Focus for the experience and exposure [to issues related to veteran and military family care] before entering the field."

"The DNP Veteran and Military Family Focus provides an opportunity for me to get an in-depth look into military culture from actual veterans and veteran experts from all walks of life– authors, nurses, counselors, veteran historians, etc. As a doctoral nursing student, this focus provides excellent and relevant tools needed to promote health for this unique patient population." -DNP Student

  • "I am part of the Focus because my current adult/gerontology health research focus is on caring for the neurologically impaired from concussions sustained during deployment. This focus opens the door to understanding military culture to obtain the best evidence-based care out there for our veterans."
  • "I joined the Focus for the opportunity to get more involved and network with members of the Veteran community."

"I am a part of the MSW Veteran/Military Family Focus because I believe civilians have an obligation to serve the needs of veterans and military families. As a non-veteran, I want to serve my country in a different capacity."  -MSW student

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