Field Sites

We are grateful for the community support that the Joining Forces–UB project has received. The following organizations serve or have served as field education sites for MSW students in our VMF Focus. Field opportunities provide students with unique learning experiences specific to working with veterans and/or military family members.  

  • Altamont House: Provides one placement for a social work student to work with veterans in transitional housing and case management.
  • Catholic Charities (Kenmore Office): Provides one placement for a social work student interested in providing services to veteran clients through their Vision Military Program.
  • ECC Veterans Affairs Office: Provides one placement for a social work student interested in assisting with services and case management for veteran students.
  • Legal Aid Bureau: Provides an opportunity for a social work student to work with veteran clients who come through the legal system. 
  • VA-WNYHS: Provides advanced year social work placements for students. Students gain direct service experience in this fast-paced environment.
  • Veterans One-stop Center (VOC): Provides opportunities for social work students to participate in a variety of veteran-related services, from working directly with clients on benefits applications and case management, to grant writing and outreach.
  • Joining Forces-UB: Provides one macro placement opportunity for a foundation student who would  like experience working in a small organization dediated to training, education, and research that serves veterans and military families.

If you are interested in being a part of our project and developing a field placement for an MSW student, please let us know!