Our Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

Joining Forces–UB will advance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of UB social work and nursing students and community practitioners to better address the needs of veterans and military families in the Western New York region.

Our Mission

Joining Forces–UB will provide excellence in education and training to UB social work and nursing students (and community practitioners) working with veterans and military family members in Western New York in order to more fully identify and address the significant and varied healthcare needs of these groups. In alignment with the White House Joining Forces initiative, and as a partnership between UB’s Schools of Social Work and Nursing, Joining Forces–UB will develop a comprehensive veteran and military family care educational program and build a portfolio of interdisciplinary research and funding to sustain the project’s research and training objectives.

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Our Values

Synergy – We recognize the vital synergy inherent in joining the teaching and research portfolios of participating faculty in each school, bringing together each school’s respective core clinical and research strengths, and in fostering collaborations with key community partners.         

Education – We perceive enhanced education and clinical training of students and community practitioners as essential to addressing the needs of veterans and military families in the present and for the future.

Respect – We seek to be inclusive and incorporate diverse backgrounds, experiences, and opinions in all aspects of the education and training we develop and the research we conduct.

Vision – We are inspired by and endorse the farsighted vision of the White House’s Joining Forces initiative instigated by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.

Integrity – We strive to manifest the integrity embodied by veterans and military families by being honest, reliable, and trustworthy in all project undertakings.

Community – We endeavor to develop mutually beneficial and sustaining relationships with community partners who serve the needs of veterans and military families.

Excellence – We seek to achieve excellence in all aspects of our training, research, scholarship, and collaborative endeavors.