Our Faculty and Staff

The Joining Forces–UB team is made up of dynamic faculty, staff, and students who are committed to excellence in veteran and military family care.

Portrait of Lisa Butler

Lisa Butler, PhD

Joining Forces–UB  Principal Investigator; Instructor, Introduction to Issues in VMF Care and the VMF IPE Seminar; Associate Professor, School of Social Work

“Developing a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of both military culture and individual experience — what veterans have faced, their reactions and responses, and the challenges that they and their families may have in reintegration — is part of being trauma-informed when it comes to serving this population."

Susan Bruce, PhD, RN, ANP-C

UB School of Nursing Contact; Previously, Joining Forces–UB Co-PI; Clinical Professor, UB School of Nursing

"If health care professionals can recognize the impact that a veteran’s service has on the individual as well as the ripple effect to family members, they can better identify issues and intervene. That’s what the Joining Forces–UB project is all about."

Thomas H. Nochajski, PhD

Instructor, Introduction to VMF Issues class; Member, JF-UB Research Team; Research Professor, School of Social Work

Portrait of Brad Linn

Braden Linn, MCMP, MSW

Joining Forces–UB  Doctoral Student and Field Educator, School of Social Work

"Research and education have the potential to vastly change the way services are delivered to veterans and military families. Working together, we can improve a variety of health and mental health outcomes for those who have sacrificed for our country."

Eva Gavin MSW Student 2017-18 Joining Forces-UB Intern

Eva Gavin, UBSSW MSW Student
2017-18 Intern, Joining Forces-UB

Collaborating Faculty

We are fortunate to have had a wonderful team of faculty that contribute to the project.

School of Nursing

Adrian Juarez, PhD, RN

Mary Ann Meeker, DNS, RN

Patricia Nisbet, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Past Contributors

Katie McClain-Meeder, MSW, School of Social Work

Nancy Campbell-Heider, PhD, RN, FNP, NP-C, CARN-AP, FAAN- School of Nursing

Janice Feigenbaum, PhD, RN, School of Nursing, retired

Christine Geiger, DNP Student, School of Nursing

Michael Lamparelli, DNP, CRNA, School of Nursing


School of Social Work