Research Opportunities

For those interested in pursuing the thesis option within the MS degree, our program is designed to engage you in research that interests you:

  •   Intermodal transportation
  •   Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  •   Adaptive, Healthcare, Humanitarian and Military Logistics
  •   Sustainable Transportation Systems
  •   Cyber transportation - Connected Vehicles
  •   Cyber Transportation Systems
  •   Automated Vehicles
  •   Transportation Informatics
  •   Sustainability initiatives in transportation, warehousing, manufacturing and reverse logistics
  •   Extreme events and humanitarian logistics

Research Spotlight

Driving Simulator.

Development of iCAVE2

The National Science Foundation has awarded Dr. Chunming Qiao and co-principal investigators Drs. Adel Sadek, Qing He, Kevin Hulme, Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, Changxu Wu and Lukasz Ziarek a $1.2 million grant to create a multifaceted research facility for connected and autonomous cars. The University at Buffalo will contribute $500,000 in matching funds toward the project. The UB researchers are also collaborating with Cisco, Carnegie Mellon University and the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

The project develops an integrated 5-in-1 instrument (iCAVE2) for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Evaluation and Experimentation (Watch Video). It is the first-of-its-kind with unprecedented capabilities, not offered by any simulator-based instrument or test-beds in academic, industrial or government-based R&D laboratories. Read more