Driving the transportation revolution.

Developing a new platform for self-driving cars. Proactively maintaining railroads using data. Studying the impact of connected vehicles and automation on human cognition, performance and safety. We are redefining what's possible and shaping the future of sustainable transportation and logistics.

Our cross-disciplinary research projects are carried out in four main areas.

This area will focus on logistics, supply chain management and intermodal transportation for freight. 

Builds on the expertise of faculty in the Industrial and Systems Engineering department’s track record in military logistics, and extends the work to include adaptive and humanitarian logistics.

Researches transportation system sustainability including smart growth, alternative vehicle and fuel technologies, intelligent transportation systems, pricing incentives, green logistics, and alternative transportation modes.

Researches futuristic connected vehicle-infrastructure systems where cyber and wireless communications technologies will provide endless opportunities to improve transportation safety, efficiency, resiliency and sustainability.