Jonathan Chan abroad.

Why I went: The transition to an Asian-focused global economy is an important factor to consider for my future. I sought to prepare myself by gaining exposure through a short experience beginning with Singapore.

On living in another country: The mere experience of being in another country in another region was the best part. Sharing classes with Singaporean students helped our group learn about different cultures while collaborating on projects. Outside of class, we were fortunate enough to also meet and experience people of very diverse backgrounds.

My inspiration at UB: Paul Yong helped guide me to Singapore. I’ve known him for several years and every group he has taken to Singapore has only gotten better. His dedication to his students and the quality of the Singapore program is unmatched.

How study abroad influenced my future: My Singapore experience reinforced my reasoning for pursuing a career focusing on Asia, especially China. Being that Singapore is an international trade and finance hub, I realized the importance of Chinese and China in the future economy. Immediately after graduation in 2010, I went to Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, to learn Mandarin. I worked at a communications consultancy for two years afterward, finally returning to New York City in 2012.

A global focus: Whatever they decide to pursue, UB students should realize that their future endeavors are no longer contained within U.S. borders. Study abroad programs are truly invaluable experiences that will open eyes and expose students to ideas, people and cultures that will only further their understanding of the world. I believe UB study abroad programs help add a perspective to students’ lives that will help better shape their choices, with the world in mind.

Why do study abroad?: Studying abroad with UB allows many students to take their first step toward their understanding of another part of the world. The mix of education and fun gives students a well-rounded experience that, I feel, they’ll keep with them for the rest of their lives.


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