Analyzing WaSH Communications in Uganda

Kennedy George with students in Uganda.

Much like a disease, misinformation can spread quickly throughout communities. Public health officials need to know that they are meeting the needs of communities so as to ensure population-level health and wellbeing. 

The Appropriate Technology Center (ATC) within the Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda, researches, develops, and promotes WaSH technologies to ensure a healthy and empowered society. The University at Buffalo has had a strong relationship with the Coordinator and Senior Development Training Officer for ATC, Ashabrick Nantege, since her involvement in CGHE's inaugural Global Innovation Challenge. Ms. Nantege was eager to host UB students interested in refining communications strategies in a public health environment.

In partnership with ATC employees, Liz and Kennedy collected data from stakeholders and consumers of WaSH technology to understand best practices. Their aim was to understand a baseline of public awareness of WaSH technologies so as to raise ATC's awareness of the communities needs, increase community awareness of ATC, and provide information that could be helpful to other organizations in Uganda who seek to improve their public health communication campaigns.

Written by Jessica Scates

  • Student(s): 
    Kennedy George
    Liz Schlant
  • Faculty Mentor(s):
    Dr. Catherine Cook-Cottone
  • Country of Travel: 
  • Dates of Travel:
    July 2019-August 2019


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