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OnDemand, ColdFront, Industry cluster scheduler, and LakeEffect Research Cloud Offline

We are currently investigating a problem with the underlying infrastructure supporting the Lake Effect research cloud, which also includes OnDemand, ColdFront, and the Industry cluster job scheduler.  We are working with the vendor to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  Cluster front-ends are available for direct logins via SSH and jobs are running on the academic and faculty clusters.

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Welcome to CCR!  Our support staff is comprised of HPC specialists, computational scientists, system administrators, programmers, software developers, and database experts.  Staff are available to help users of all levels.  The CCR support pages offer a wide range of documentation, presentations, and examples to aid in the utilization of CCR resources to facilitate your research.  Our searchable knowledgebase provides users with answers to freqently asked questions, how-to articles on using the clusters & research cloud, and detailed step-by-step instructions for many of the tasks most users desire.  Contact us any time you need assistance!