Collaborate with new colleagues from across disciplines and experiment with innovative pedagogy, educational technology, space design and more at our faculty-focused events.

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Professional development

The academies utilize a faculty-learning community framework, bringing together small groups of faculty to learn, share and explore the art of teaching and the science of learning.

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Teaching is stressful, so we've created a group to address that concern. UBTaLCK is a Community of Practice aimed to assist faculty with best pedagogical practices and classroom strategies.

Learning systems support

CATT’s Learning Systems team plays a vital role in the university’s academic mission through the system administration and direct end-user support for two essential services: UB Learns and UB Clicks.


In support of our programmatic and regular services, CATT also organizes supplementary events based on interest and demand from our key constituents and partners.   

Our partners in faculty development

As a dynamic center of learning and research, UB Libraries are the heart of the university, providing a rich academic environment that is supportive and respectful of all points of view.

UB Information Technology (UBIT) offers a variety of resources which provide technology support to faculty. In addition, UBIT offers several support channels for answers that cannot be found on their website.