Student Funding

The department encourages all undergraduate majors and minors to frequently check this page to apply for funding opportunities as they become available.

Department Awards

Research Funding

Phyllis Hartrich Memorial Award
Award Amount: Up to $2,000

The Phyllis Hartrich Memorial Award supports independent undergraduate research. This award honors the memory of Phyllis Hartrich, who served for many years as the Undergraduate Coordinator in our department. The research project must be designed and carried out by students in consultation with their advisors. The award is designed to defray expenses directly related to research, including equipment and travel to research sites. No funds will be provided for travel to conferences or for research designed by a faculty member. Awards will be announced at the annual department graduation in May, and will cover expenses for research projects carried out over the subsequent calendar year.

The selection committee will make one or more awards totaling up to $2,000. 

Awards and Scholarships

Lambda Alpha National Scholarship
Deadline: March 1, 2021

The Lambda Alpha National Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior in the current academic year (2020-2021).  The scholarship nominees must be majoring in anthropology. The winner of the scholarship will be announced in May 2021.  This scholarship is intended to help pay for the student's graduate education costs.


  • Anthropology major who is a graduating senior planning to attend graduate school
  • Lifetime membership in Lambda Alpha (Please contact Carol Zittel for information.)

Application Instructions:

Please submit the following documents to Carol Zittel, undergradaute coordinator, at by March 1:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. One original and 3 copies of transcript from all undergraduate institutions.   
  3. Two (2) supporting letters of recommendation – one must be from a professional anthropologist – copies should be made by faculty supporter and given to applicant.
  4. A statement of future professional plans limited to one page or less, single spaced.
  5. A document must be submitted in manuscript form, double spaced, no less than 10 pages in length, ready for consideration for publication in the Lambda Alpha Journal.  The purpose is to evaluate formal writing skill, and an ability to compose a research paper. Original thesis manuscripts, previously published papers, co-authored publications and contract archaeological reports are not acceptable.
  6. A statement signed by the applicant (PDF below) giving permission to the National Executive Council to view submitted transcripts.


Daniel H. Weiskotten Scholarship Fund 
Award Amount: $1,000 + 1-year membership in NYSAA
Deadline: March 1, 2021


A student must

  • be a New York State resident enrolled in an accredited New York State college or university undergraduate anthropology or history program;
  • have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours;
  • be majoring in anthropology or history; 
  • be intending to pursue a career in archaeology (prehistoric, historic, military, industrial, marine) or museology; 
  • and be able to show a financial need.

Application Instructions 

The applicant must provide:

  1. A current college transcript showing a “B” average or better
  2. A financial need statement (Financial aid verification form from the college)
  3. A letter describing involvement in archaeological projects; a brief description of financial need; and applicant’s future plans (stated in the applicant’s own words & writing)
  4. A recommendation from a professional archaeologist

The application for this award must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2021.  It is advised that materials be sent as early as possible in the event that the committee has questions.  All materials are to be sent to Dr. Ellis McDowell-Loudan at the following address.

Dr. Ellis McDowell-Loudan
Box 502
3 West Academy St.
Mcgraw, NY 13101


Internship Funding

No opportunities available at this time. Please check back soon.

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