Advisement and Forms

Ellicott Complex.

The Anthropology Department is located in the Fillmore Academic Center at the Ellicott Complex (pictured).

Advising in the Major

Each newly accepted departmental major is assigned to a faculty adviser according to the concentration specified by the student. New majors should devise a plan of study in consultation with their faculty adviser. We encourage all Anthropology majors to meet with their adviser at least once every semester to discuss their progress in the program.

If the student's interest changes, a different adviser may be requested in writing to the Undergraduate Office in 380 Fillmore Academic Center.

The student should discuss his/her post-graduation plans with the faculty adviser and should expect the adviser to assist in applications for employment or graduate educational programs.

Academic Advisement Outside Anthropology

Your departmental faculty adviser is there to support your academic progress in Anthropology and to help you in your post-graduate transition.

For UB Curriculum and other university academic requirements you should consult with the College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisement and Services office in 275 Park Hall, 645-6883.  The CAS Advisor for Anthropology is Wendy Orosz,


Contact Us

Frederick Klaits.

364 MFAC

Phone: (716) 645-6388

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
College of Arts and Sciences

Research Topics: Self and other in religious practice; Care in social practice and political theory; Regimes of value; Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity; United States, southern Africa.

Carol Zittel.
Carol Zittel

380 MFAC

Phone: (716) 645-2416

Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Department of Anthropology
College of Arts and Sciences