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FALL 2020 — SEASON 1

The Baldy Center Podcast

Image courtesy of unsplash.

The Fall 2020 Baldy Center Podcast, Season 1, highlights University at Buffalo faculty research and perspectives on current events. We focus on interdisciplinary scholars of law, legal institutions, and social policy who have been associated with the Baldy Center through grants or fellowships. Episodes 1 to 8 are streaming online.

Season 1 brings you insight from Mark Bartholomew (UB Law), Irus Braverman (UB Law), Amanda Hughett (former Baldy Center Fellow), David Herzberg (UB History), Jennifer Gaynor (Baldy Center) and more. Subscribe to be informed when new episodes are released, or follow us on social media for all the Baldy Center news.

Podcast Episodes 1 to 8

Podcast Season 1 Teaser