Do You Know UB?

Then prove it! Take our test with Professor Bufflesworth and show your alma mater aptitude!

Compiled by Michael Flatt | Illustration by Michael Gelen (JD ’88)

1. What British television series inspired an event held annually by the UB engineering school?

A) “Black Mirror”
B) “Top Gear”
C) “Robot Wars”
D) “Absolutely Fabulous”

2. Which of the following has been spotted on the North Campus?

A) Coyote
B) Asian carp
C) Peregrine falcon
D) All of the above
E) None of the above

3. When did UB become a Division I-A school in the NCAA?

A) 1979
B) 1989
C) 1999
D) 2009

4. Which restaurant is closest to the site of UB’s future downtown medical school?

A) Pearl Street Grill & Brewery
B) The Anchor Bar
C) Cole’s
D) Templeton Landing

5. Who has not been featured in the Distinguished Speakers Series?

A) Hillary Clinton
B) Earvin “Magic” Johnson
C) Steve Martin
D) George R.R. Martin

6. The first line in the refrain of UB’s alma mater is:

A) “To Buffalo all hail to thee”
B) “In thy honor now we stand”
C) “Our alma mater by the island sea”
D) “Oh, for hallowed halls and smart professors”

7. Which award did a UB alumnus win in 2015?

A) Pulitzer Prize
B) Academy Award
C) Nobel Peace Prize
D) Key to the City of Buffalo

8. The following two buildings are connected by an underground hallway

A) Alumni Arena and the Center for the Arts
B) Slee Hall and the Center for the Arts
C) The Student Union and Lockwood Library
D) Lockwood Library and Clemens Hall

9. Which person listed has a UB building named after him or her?

A) Mark Twain
B) Rick James
C) Cindy Sherman
D) Frank Lloyd Wright

10. Abbott Hall, home of the Health Sciences Library, was doubled in size in:

A) 1965
B) 1975
C) 1985
D) 1995

11. The bronze buffalo on Coventry Circle opposite the Center for the Arts is a replica of:

A) A favorite animal of William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody
B) One of four massive buffalo on each corner of the Dumbarton Bridge in Washington, D.C.
C) A statue by G.H. Messmore that once graced the concourse of Buffalo’s Central Terminal
D) A memorable sculpture of the American bison in Jamestown, N.D.

12. Which dance world luminary gave a rare performance at UB in 2006?

A) Twyla Tharp
B) Judith Jamison
C) Mikhail Baryshnikov
D) MC Hammer

Check your score

1. C | 2. D | 3. C | 4. B | 5. D | 6. A | 7. B* | 8. A | 9. A** | 10. C | 11. C | 12. C

  *See Sonic Success |**Samuel L. Clemens Hall

How many questions did you answer correctly?

0-3: Ok now, just put the magazine down, back away slowly and let the real UB alum in your house take the test.
4-6: Did you hear that noise? That was your degree spontaneously combusting.
7-9: Well done! You paid attention in school and remembered to take your ginkgo biloba.
10-12: We’re impressed. But you should really get out more.