Alumni Life: Keepsakes

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Balsa-wood Bridge

Balsa-wood model bridge.

A memento from Jan Metzger’s (BS ’81) time as an engineering student brings new meaning to the term “bridging the decades.”

“Forty years ago, I was paired up with my classmate Rob Burgess (BS ’81) for an EAS 101 class project that was an annual tradition for first-year students: building a miniature bridge that can withstand as much weight as possible. Our 18-inch balsa-wood bridge withstood a load of 405 pounds (1,134 times its own weight), surprising the professor and us! I kept the little bridge safely stored away, and when Rob and I recently got back together in our hometown of Niskayuna, N.Y., we brought it out to find it’s still in one piece after four decades.”

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