On Campus: UB EMOJI

UB Emoji

A look back on our recent past with a smile, a wink or a whatevs

Alex Trebek (left), host of "Jeopardy," with recent contestant Edmund Cardoni (MA ’85).

Alex Trebek (left), host of "Jeopardy," with recent contestant Edmund Cardoni (MA ’85).

We’ve got game

UB has been getting into the game lately—game shows, that is. Charlotte Miller, a UB softball pitcher and a freshman at the time, attended a March taping of “The Price is Right” and was called up on stage. She made it all the way to spinning the Big Wheel and moving on to the Showcase Showdown. Then, in June, arts director Edmund Cardoni (MA ’85) earned an appearance on “Jeopardy” after taking the online test three years in a row. Neither came away with the grand prize, but they won our hearts!


When the UB Space Bulls Robo-Ops Team was competing in the 2015 National Institute of Aerospace’s robot competition, its rover’s remote-controlled arm failed. (Did we mention that the robot and its arm were in Texas and the student controlling the arm was at UB?) Within minutes, the UB team repaired the arm, scooped up the rocks needed to complete the mission and took third place overall. Space Bulls, you definitely rock!

Phone home

Call your mother—or she may call the police. That’s exactly what happened when a UB student’s mom hadn’t heard from her son for several weeks. She eventually contacted University Police to do what’s called a welfare check (basically, making sure someone is OK). One of UB’s finest was able to contact the “missing” student and instructed him to give his mother a call ASAP. We think that officer deserves a care package.