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Dean Silvers (PhD ’81, JD ’79)

Award-winning producer Silvers dishes on the film industry with behind-the-scenes stories and advice from his career making such independent films as “Spanking the Monkey” (1994) and “Flirting with Disaster” (1996). (William Morrow, 2014)

Pavel G. Somov (PhD ’00)

This self-help volume, the seventh by Somov, posits emotional eating as a legitimate coping strategy in times of distress, while also offering strategies to manage impulses and sublimate cravings into more positive activities. (PESI Publishing & Media, 2015)

Victoria Bernal (BA ’76)

Bernal, professor of anthropology at University of California, Irvine, examines various uses of the Web among the Eritrean diaspora, including grieving in a digital space and online discussions of wartime violence against women. (University of Chicago Press, 2014)

Kevin Pelletier (PhD ’07)

Pelletier’s discussion of antislavery figures such as Nat Turner, John Brown and Harriet Beecher Stowe deftly reinterprets the abolitionist movement as having fought slavery with not just love and sympathy, but also the fear of God’s wrath. (University of Georgia Press, 2015)

Fred Pelka (BA ’76)

The first book of poetry by the author of “What We Have Done: An Oral History of the Disability Rights Movement” is a collection of narrative lyrics, detailing experiences such as sharing a bottle of Bacardi 151 with a dispossessed elderly man on a Greyhound bus. Some lines reflect Pelka’s experience in disability studies—for example: “Sometimes love needs a wheelchair / to waltz across the floor.” (Hedgerow Books, 2014)

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