Alumni Life: Show Your Age

Show Your Age: Alumni proudly date themselves

Who’s your all-time favorite Batman actor?


“Ben Affleck because, much like Bruce Wayne, he dedicates his time and resources to humane causes.”

Zohair Qureshi, CAS ’12, MS ’12, DDS ’09
Pittsford, N.Y.


Patrick Cappola, BA ’89
Buffalo, N.Y.

“Michael Keaton.”

Erick Szczap, BA ’05
Charlotte, N.C.

“Adam West. Most ‘comic-’ like!!!”

Dan “Grampy” Matychak, BS ’68
Ithaca, N.Y.

“Christian Bale. He added a whole other level of dark broodiness to Batman. And that’s all good!”

Dinesh Sivapragsam, BA ’14
Joo Seng Heights, Singapore

“Kevin Conroy all the way. This is where the true beginning of a darker Batman began ... and it also gave us that deep, gravelly voice.”

Justin J. Listwan, BS ’99
Piscataway, N.J.

“Kevin Conroy is by far the best.”

David Yvan Ross, BA ’10
Long Beach, N.Y.

“Conroy!!! I recently have been rewatching this show, and it’s just as good as I remember it!””

Angela U. Núñez, BS ’09
Seattle, Wash.

“Kevin Conroy without a doubt.”

Mitchel Ragan, BA ’10
Seaford, N.Y.


Kevin who?

Conroy was the voice behind Bruce Wayne’s anti-hero in “Batman: The Animated Series” (1992–1995).