2019 WiSE Early Move-In participants gather for a group photo after participating in team building activities.

2019 WiSE Early Move-In participants gather for a group photo after participating in team building activities.

2024 WiSE Early Move-In Program

Registration will open in early July

The WiSE Early Move-In Program welcomes new undergraduate first year and transfer students in STEM majors to move in to their residence halls early, make friends, become familiar with the campus setting, and make faculty connections before classes begin. Commuting to campus? You are invited to attend the events too! 

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Program Details

When will WiSE Early Move-In take place?

  • Day 1 | Tuesday,  August 20: On campus residents move into their residence halls and join an evening activity.
  • Day 2 | Wednesday, August 21: Off-campus field trip, then on-campus activities later in the afternoon
  • Day 3 | Thursday, August 22:  Morning activities on campus

Why should I sign up for Early Move-In?

  • Beat the move-in rush
  • Make friends
  • Get comfortable with your campus environment
  • Make faculty connections
  • Learn about opportunities for women in STEM at UB!

... all before your first day of classes!

What types of activities will I participate in?

Activities will include ice breakers and team building activities, small group discussions with peer mentors who were once in your shoes, breakfast with WiSE faculty, a campus tour/scavenger hunt, and an off campus activity.

Participation Eligibility

Priority registration will be given to new first year and transfer undergraduates in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and STEM majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students from other academic units must receive approval from the WiSE program director.

Both residential students and commuter students are welcome to participate. Students living off campus would simply join us for WiSE activities held each day.

I am a returning student. Can I participate?

Returning sophomores, juniors, and seniors in WiSE are invited to serve as volunteer peer mentors for the program. See Information for Volunteers/Peer Mentors for more information.

Residential Early Move-In Details

Students who register for and participate in WiSE Early Move-In are eligible to move into their residence halls early on Monday, August 19 at no additional cost. 

Please note that certain student populations, such as new international students, may be eligible to move in even sooner. If you belong to a student group that is eligible to move in prior to August 20, you must still complete the Early Arrival Form through Campus Living.

Moving in to your residence hall before the general new student population allows you to beat the rush! Be aware that some of the amenities offered during standard move-in days may not be available (ex: student volunteers to help you physically move your belongings), but you will enjoy a more relaxed and spacious environment as you get settled.

Students who request an early move-in date but do not participate in WiSE activities the following day will be charged a daily early arrival fee by Campus Living.

Early Move-In Request Instructions

All residential students will receive an email from Campus Living during the first week in August containing instructions for early arrival requests.

Action Required: Early Arrival Requests

In addition to registering for WiSE Early Move-In using the form below, you must separately request an early arrival with Campus Living through the UB Housing Portal by Friday, August 9 at 5 PM.

On your early move-in request form:

  • Choose "other" as your reason for moving in early. (If you are eligible to move in prior to August 20 for any other reason, you can select your unique justification from the menu)

Learn more about early arrival requests through Campus Living.

Information for Volunteers

Returning sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students in WiSE are invited to serve as volunteer peer mentors for the program. Your first-hand experience as a student in STEM at UB will be invaluable as you welcome new students to campus, facilitate ice breaker and team building activities, and help participants find a supportive community at UB! You will gain leadership and mentorship experience, and will help fellow students in STEM start their UB experience with confidence.

Volunteers who will be living in UB residence halls and apartments will be eligible to move to campus early on Tuesday, August 20. See Information for On-Campus Residents for additional details.

Health & Safety Information

The WiSE Early Move-In Program will adhere to the campus health and safety guidelines set forth by University at Buffalo.

Please check Return to Campus Protocols for the most up-to-date information regarding vaccinations, mask and physical distancing guidelines, and more.


Important note for registrants.

Welcome Weekend is a busy time for new students at UB! Students affiliated with different programs and student populations may have additional requirements that conflict with the WiSE Early Move-In program schedule.

It is your responsibility to organize your schedule, prioritize your obligations during this week, and determine whether you are able to participate before registering.

Capacity is limited and registration will be accepted on a rolling basis until slots are full, so students are encouraged to register as soon as possible! Registration will officially close on Friday, July 12 at 5:00 PM.

Registration submissions for students in programs outside of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences must be approved by the WiSE Program Director. 


Email Sarah Baillie, WiSE Program Director at ubwise@buffalo.edu.